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Position of the kidney, behind the peritoneum

Adrenal Gland

lies adjacent to craniomedial border of kidney,

Structural Fat

protection for kidney


kidney is drained, leaves from medial margin of kidney

Renal Artery/Vein

accompanied by the ureters, goes to pelvis, to ductus deferens, to urinary bladder

Urinary Bladder is attached by

ventral mesentery

ventral ligament of the bladder

ventral mesentary attached to urinary bladder to midventral strip of abdominal wall

Allantoic Stalk

the urinary bladder continued after the umbilical chord, helps form placenta


the caudal end of the urinary bladder narrows to form a duct

Renal Pelvis

ureter expands within the kidney to form a large chamber

Renal Calyces

the renal pelvis is paritioned into the renal small compartments

Renal Pyramid

dark tuft of tissue

Renal Medulla

collection of renal pyramids

renal Cortex

lighter colored part of the kidney


structural and functional unit of the kidney, glomerulus, renal tubule


a capillary tuft that makes the nephron

Renal Tubule

receives fluid from glomerus and makes urine

Blood from Renal Artery

is distributed to afferent arterioles, enters capillaries of glom, filters into glom. capsule

Renal corpuscle

glomerulus + glomerular capsule

Glomerular filtrate does not contain

blood cells, large protein molecules

Glomerular filtrate continues through

proximal convoluted tubule > renal cortex > loop of henle > in/out of renal medulla> distal convoluted tubule

water, ions, nutrients absorbed

by the walls of renal tubule

water, ions, nutrients returned to blood

by peritubular capillaries

efferent arterioles

supplies peritubular capillaries, collect blood from glomerulus, drains in renal venules

renal venules lead to

renal veins,

waste products

ammonia and urea stay in glomerular filtrate

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