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  1. Cell Respiration
  2. Tendon
  3. Muscular System
  4. Aerobic
  5. tissue
  1. a A cord which attaches muscle to bone
  2. b The system that creates energy, water, and carbon dioxide for the body
  3. c A group of similar cells
  4. d All the muscles including tendons and blood vessels
  5. e with oxygen

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  1. One of the 2 proteins in skeletal and cardiac muscle (a)
  2. A line on a graph that represents a trend in the data
  3. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation a method to treat common injuries
  4. How long a muscle can work before it tires
  5. Chemical which changes the electric message to chemical excites the myosin to pull on actin

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  1. Skeletal MuscleIn hollow internal organs contracts/squeezes blood or food


  2. Smooth MuscleAids in movement by pulling on bones, connected to bones by tendons


  3. StrenghtThe amount of work a muscle can do in a single try


  4. Anerobicwith oxygen


  5. ExtensorThe muscle that makes the joint angle bigger