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  1. Muscular System
  2. Flexibility
  3. Actin
  4. Flexor
  5. Strenght
  1. a The muscle that makes the joint angle smaller
  2. b How much motion can take place aound a joint
  3. c All the muscles including tendons and blood vessels
  4. d One of the 2 proteins in skeletal and cardiac muscle (a)
  5. e The amount of work a muscle can do in a single try

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  1. with oxygen
  2. Aids in movement by pulling on bones, connected to bones by tendons
  3. How long a muscle can work before it tires
  4. without oxygen
  5. A line on a graph that represents a trend in the data

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  1. TendonThe muscle that makes the joint angle bigger


  2. Cardiac MuscleIn hollow internal organs contracts/squeezes blood or food


  3. OriginThe bone where the muscle starts


  4. tissueA cord which attaches muscle to bone


  5. Cell RespirationThe system that creates energy, water, and carbon dioxide for the body