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  1. difference between Archdiocese and a diocese
  2. easter
  3. joseph
  4. redemption
  5. ultimate vocation
  1. a 1. there is a covenant
    2. the Israelits break it
    3. prophet is sent
    4. they change their ways
    5. everything is good
  2. b celebrates the resurrection of Jesus
  3. c was able to interpret dreams
  4. d to live in union with God and to be happy
  5. e arch. is bigger

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  1. read both the old and new testament
  2. celebrates the suffering and dying and resurrection
  3. he got another soldiers wife pregnant
  4. love God
  5. will come when the world ends

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  1. laitynon ordained people


  2. pastorsrun parishes


  3. cardinalsmain job is to elect the pop, and they are possible elected to become the pope


  4. passoverthe 10th amendment is associated with it and is found in exodus


  5. number of books in the old testament73