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  1. successor to moses
  2. isaac
  3. apostolic succession
  4. hagar and abrahams child was named
  5. death of joshua caused
  1. a the apostles chose their successors, who are given the title "bishop", to these successors the apostles passes on the authority to teach and interpret the scriptures and tradition
  2. b ishamel
  3. c the israelties to a cycle of sin
  4. d abraham doesnt kill him fro God
  5. e joshua

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  1. settles disputes, lead military, and challenged isreal to remain faithFul to God
  2. love God
  3. Leah and rachel
  4. with everyone
  5. means promise

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  1. leah, rachel and jacob hadeasu and jacob


  2. abraham was married toLeah and rachel


  3. cain and able storymain job is to elect the pop, and they are possible elected to become the pope


  4. saving the israelites from enslavementwith the israelties


  5. number of books in the old testament46