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  1. abraham's first child was with
  2. successor to moses
  3. pastors
  4. davids sin
  5. transitional deacons
  1. a hagar
  2. b run parishes
  3. c he got another soldiers wife pregnant
  4. d joshua
  5. e men who are waiting to become a priest, at a priests halfway point you take vows to become a deacon and you become one

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  1. 73
  2. they have different rules, different emphasis, but they are all catholic priests
  3. arch. is bigger
  4. happens 2 times a year
  5. central teaching of the church

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  1. abraham was married torebekah


  2. characteristics of propetsthey understood that god wanted his people to come back to him with their whole selves, they live good moral lives, the all obey god, and they knew that god wanted his people to treat all people with justice.


  3. cardinalsread both the old and new testament


  4. trinityhumans cannot fully understand the trinity that is whyu it is considered a mystery


  5. popes in the catholic churchmagisterium, they run the church