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  1. advent
  2. pastors
  3. Magisterium
  4. saving the israelites from enslavement
  5. ultimate vocation
  1. a is the teaching office of the church, consisting of bishops and the pope
  2. b to live in union with God and to be happy
  3. c run parishes
  4. d celebrates the coming of chirst
  5. e moses saved them

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  1. read both the old and new testament
  2. God is presented as a warrior waging a holy war
  3. carlson
  4. 1. there is a covenant
    2. the Israelits break it
    3. prophet is sent
    4. they change their ways
    5. everything is good
  5. with the israelties

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  1. theme of the last 7 commandmentslove your neighbor and yourself


  2. jacob was re-namedLeah and rachel


  3. public prayerwhen youre alone


  4. polytheisticbelieving in multiple Gods


  5. writing prophetshave books in the bible