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  1. dogma
  2. cardinals
  3. isaac was married to
  4. jacob was re-named
  5. death of joshua caused
  1. a rebekah
  2. b main job is to elect the pop, and they are possible elected to become the pope
  3. c the israelties to a cycle of sin
  4. d israel
  5. e central teaching of the church

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  1. the 10th convinced the pharaoh to release the isrealites because he was grief striken when his first born was killed, and they occurred because the pharaoh wouldnt release the isrealtes
  2. joshua
  3. love God
  4. he lad lust for women and hunger for power and fame
  5. when youre alone

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  1. apostolic successionthe apostles chose their successors, who are given the title "bishop", to these successors the apostles passes on the authority to teach and interpret the scriptures and tradition


  2. original sinno one is born perfect, we're born with original sin because of adam and eve


  3. Joshua leading the Israeliteslead to Canaan


  4. gospelssaved the egyptians from the power of the pharaoh and lead them out of Egypt


  5. ultimate vocationis not how god revealed himself in past events