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  1. major prophets
  2. polytheistic
  3. cain and able story
  4. covenant
  5. advent prepares us for...
  1. a jeremiah, exekiel, daniel, Isaiah
  2. b believing in multiple Gods
  3. c in the story God showed love towards Able and Cain got very jealous, so cain killed able
  4. d the birth of Jesus and the second coming of Jesus
  5. e means promise

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  1. with the israelties
  2. love God
  3. celebrates the suffering and dying and resurrection
  4. they can be married, assist in the mass, and take religious vows
  5. magisterium, they run the church

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  1. trinityonly has three days


  2. difference between major and minor prophetsold was everything before jesus and new was after/during jesus


  3. Magisteriumrun parishes


  4. where are the creation stories found in the biblegenesis


  5. number of books in the old testament27