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In the postwar South

the economy was utterly devastated

At the end of the Civil War, many white Southerners

still believed that their view of secession was correct

For blacks, emancipation meant all of the following except

that large numbers would move North

The greatest achievements of the Freedmen's Bureau were in


The white South viewed the Freedmen's Bureau as

a meddlesome federal agency that threatened to upset white racial dominance

The controversy surrounding the Wade Davis Bill and the readmission of the Confederate states to the Union demonstrated

the deep differences between President Lincoln and Congress

In his 10 percent plan for Reconstruction, President Lincoln promised

rapid readmission of Southern states into the Union

That the Southern states were conquered provinces and therefore at the mercy of Congress for readmission to the Union was the view of

congressional Republicans

The main purpose of the Black Codes was to

ensure a stable labor supply

The Black Codes provided for all of the following except

voting by blacks

For congressional Republicans, one of the most troubling aspects of the Southern states' restoration to the Union was that

the South would be stronger than ever in national politics

The incident that caused the clash between Congress and President Johnson to explode into the open was

Johnson's veto of the bill to extend the Freedmen's Bureau

The Fourteenth Amendment

prohibited ex-Confederate leaders from holding public office

The basis of the battle between Congress and President Andrew Johnson was

Johnson's 10 percent governments that had passed severe Black Codes

Radical congressional Reconstruction of the South finally ended when

the last federal troops were removed in 1877

Many feminist leaders were disappointed with the Fourteenth Amendment because it

failed to give women the right to vote

During Reconstruction, African American women assumed new political roles which included all of the following except


Which one of the following is least related to the other three?

Ku Klux Klan

Radical Reconstruction state governments

passed much desirable legislation and badly needed reforms

The goals of the Ku Klux Klan included all of the following except to

support efforts to pass the Force Acts of 1870 and 1871 which would force blacks away from the polls

All of the following were reasons the Senate voted to acquit President Andrew Jackson except

Johnson promised to step down as President

Reconstruction might have been more successful if

Thaddeus Stevens's radical program of drastic economic reforms and stronger protection of political rights had been enacted

Reconstruction involved extended controversies over


As part of their Reconstruction plan, radical Republicans originally expected

all of the above

Congress objected to the readmission of Southern states to the Union under Johnson's plan because


Congressional Reconstruction hoped to provide basic rights and protection for the former slaves in the South through the


Under congressional Reconstruction Southern states were required to


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