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Predicting the Products in Chemical Reactions

There are many different ways for products to form in chemical reactions. This flashcard set is about predicting which products will form in a given reaction. *NM stands for nonmetal.*
Metal + NM →
Metal oxide + water →
acid (-ate acid formed)
NM oxide + water →
Metal oxide + NM oxide →
metal oxide + CO2
Metal carbonate →
metal chloride + O2
Metal chlorate →
NH3 + H2O + CO2
Ammonium carbonate →
NH3 + H2O
Ammonim hydroxide →
SO2 + H2O
Sulfurous acid →
O2 + H2O
Hydrogen peroxide →
H2O + CO2
Carbonic acid →
2 elements
Binary compound →
active replaces less active
Single replacement:
two new compounds form. One: precipitate, gas, or primarily molecular species.
Double replacement: