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There are many different ways for products to form in chemical reactions. This flashcard set is about predicting which products will form in a given reaction. *NM stands for nonmetal.*


Metal + NM →


Metal oxide + water →

acid (-ate acid formed)

NM oxide + water →


Metal oxide + NM oxide →

metal oxide + CO2

Metal carbonate →

metal chloride + O2

Metal chlorate →

NH3 + H2O + CO2

Ammonium carbonate →

NH3 + H2O

Ammonim hydroxide →

SO2 + H2O

Sulfurous acid →

O2 + H2O

Hydrogen peroxide →

H2O + CO2

Carbonic acid →

2 elements

Binary compound →

active replaces less active

Single replacement:

two new compounds form. One: precipitate, gas, or primarily molecular species.

Double replacement:

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