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  1. Cornerbacks
  2. Special Teams
  3. Running Backs
  4. Offensive Line
  5. Defensive Tackles
  1. a This is the unit of players used for kicking or PAT situations. (Kickers, Punters, Punt/Kick Returners)
  2. b Typically two players who primarily cover the wide receivers.
  3. c These people are responsible for blocking, to try to protect the Backs. (Guard(s), Tackle(s), Center)
  4. d There can be up to three of these players on the field at once. They grab the ball from the quarterback and run it as far as they can.
  5. e The people in the middle of the defensive line.

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  1. The people on the edge of the defensive line.
  2. The set of eleven players that do not have possesion of the ball, always trying to stop the offense from scoring.
  3. The six people that line up behind the offensive line. (Quarter-Back, Running Back(s), Wide Reciever(s), and Tight End(s))

  4. What it is called when the Quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.
  5. These people are considered hybrid players, something between a wide receiver and an offensive lineman. They are frequently called on to block, especially on running plays. However, because they are eligible receivers, they may also catch passes. They line up next to the offensive line.

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  1. Middle LinebackerThese players are responsible for covering the tight end or running back on pass plays. They can also rush the passer. Are on the outside of the defensive line.


  2. Kick ReturnSame thing as a kick return, but from a punt.


  3. Line of ScrimmageThese players are pass-catching specialists. Their main job is to run pass routes and get open for a pass, although they are occasionally called on to block. They line up behind the line of scrimmage, wide of the offensive line.


  4. PATWhat it is called if on the fourth down the coach thinks that his team cannot complete the first down, so he kicks the ball to the other team.


  5. EndzoneAfter the PAT, the kicker kicks the ball to the other team so they have a chance to score.