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  1. alkali metals
  2. nonmetal
  3. collision theory of particles
  4. absolute zero
  5. dynamic
  1. a particles react when they collide
  2. b -elements in group 1 except Hydrogen
  3. c -all on the right side of the staircase
  4. d an equilibrium where changes are constant, but "cancel" eachother out
  5. e -273 degrees Celsius, 0 degrees Kelvin

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  1. pure substance made from two or more elements and can be broken down into separate elements
  2. the # of atoms of each element must be the same in both the reactants and the products of a chemical reaction
  3. -changing equilibrium
    idea: if you have reaction @ chemical equilibrium, w/e you do, equilibrium will adjust to reduce whatever you added
  4. -process that releases energy
    -energy is the product
    -usually, but not always, this raises
    *graph starts from high to low
    *activation energy is only first bump
  5. 1. increase temperature
    2. increase pressure
    3. decrease volume
    4. increase # of particles

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  1. catalyst-an additional chemical that is added
    -increases the rate of reaction by decreasing the activation energy
    -it is not consumed in the reaction and can be reused


  2. semimetals/metalloids-elements in group 1 except Hydrogen


  3. ways to decrease the rate of reaction1. decrease temperature
    2. decrease pressure
    3. increase volume
    4. decrease # of particles


  4. mixture-all on the left side of the staircase


  5. mole1 mol = 6.02 x 10^23


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