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Geography flash cards of Chapter 10

fifth largest __________ in the world

geographical nation

discovered by __________


____ most largest populated country in the word


bordered by the _____________

Atlantic Ocean

most populated _______


recieves more than _____ of rain each year

80 inches

_______ has encouraged migration to area since 1950s


built new capital city _______ in 1960s


built ______


_________ connects coast with Peru

Trans Amazon Highway

Dams on rivers built for _______________

factories in south and west

grasslands and ________

scrub forest

short trees due to __________

dry climate

cool climate despite _____________

tropical location

few ________ left


those left live in ____________

Amazon Rainforest

African Americans and mulatties live primarily in the __________


one of the largest groups


includes _________________

Italians, Germans, Russians, and Middle East

_________ largest in the area - 15,000,000

Sao Paulo

________ population of 10,000,000

Rio de Janeiro

world's largest producer


grasslands used for __________

grazing cattle

world's largest reserves in

Brazil's southeast

factories used the ore to

produce steel, ships, cars, and trucks

U.S. imports

tires, shoes, and car parts

cars exported to

the rest of S.A. and other African countries

located near the


_________ and ________

sugarcane and cacao

used to produce


cane is prosessed into ______ and blended with _______

alcohol; gasoline

brought in as slaves by ________ to work at plantations


influenced ________ of the region


_________, ____________, and ___________

palm oil, peanuts, and okra

eliminates need to import ________


Brazilian cars made to use ________________

gasohol efficiently

______ cause people to move to the coast until rain resumes


planned city has shape of ____________

giant airplane

rows of ________ make up wings


__________ provided by government


Brazil no longer depends on _______________

agricultural export

foreign unwillingness to lend more money to continue to

develope the economy

one of the largest cities in the world

Sao Paulo

size is due in part to

location near farms and mines in southeast

hydroelectricity from

nearby rivers and Itaipu Dam

one of the world's most beautiful cities


Brazil's first planned city

Belo Horizonte

south has

huge farms and the best farmland

Amazon rainforest plant uses

food, insectide chemicals, and medicines (one fourth of U.S. prescriptions come from rainforest plants)

scattered throughout the rainforest area

ecological stations

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