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  2. joule
  3. electromagnetic radiation
  4. Work
  5. acceleration
  1. a If the force applied and the distance an object moves are acting ____________ to each other, ___ work occurs.
  2. b is the product of the force and the distance through which the object moves.
  3. c The rate of change in speed (velocity) per unit of time is
  4. d The most common unit of electrical work is the
  5. e All objects radiate energy in the form of

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  1. Efficiency is
  2. is the unit of electric charge.
  3. On the graph below , the slope of the line represents the ________ of the object.
  4. convection produces convection currents or winds.
  5. The prime mover that causes work to be done in an electrical system is a __________ difference.

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  1. insulatorA material that transfers heat easily is a/an


  2. voltage differenceThe "forcelike" quantity in the equation for electrical work is ______________.


  3. JouleThe SI unit of work is the


  4. ampereis the unit of electric current.


  5. timeOn the graph below ,______ is the independent variable.