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What site of Paleolithic cave paintings caused scholars to re-evaluate long held assumptions about prehistoric art? (2.0 points)


What is NOT an element of prehistoric cave paintings? (2.0 points)


The Venus of Willendorf is a

Paleolithic Sculpture

Scholars believe that the "negative" handprints in prehistoric cave paintings were most likely (2.0 points)


All prehistoric paintings have been found in

The deep recesses of the cave

Twisted perspective is


Which is the oldest site for town planning?

Catal Huyuk

Which is the oldest work?

Felines and Rhinos Chauvet

Which is true regarding the Neolithic period?

Dwellings Constructed

The heel stone at Stonehenge gives credence to the theory that the ancient structure was a/an

Solar Calendar

Which settlement had no streets?

Catal Huyuk

The Votive Statuettes from Eshnunna were most likely

Perceptual Worship Icons

The material used in the creation of the Venus of Willendorf was


The Ziggurat at Ur was a

Temple Platform

What were the most common themes in Assyrian art?

Warfare and Hunting

he two sides of the Standard of Ur shows scenes of

War and Peace

What ethnic group is credited with the first system of writing known to man?


The Lamassu sculptures were recovered from where?

Sargon's Palace

Which work has a king approaching the god Shamash?

Stele of Hammurabi

What color is lapis lazuli?


Which leader has a portrait which illustrates his devotion and piety to his god?


What does NOT characterize Sumerian human figure compositions?

Shoulders in Profile

What is NOT true of the Victory Stele of Naram-Sin?

Demonstrates Piety of the King

Which of the following statements is false?

Ancient Near Eastern ethnic groups left extensive architectural remains.

hich statement correctly characterizes Assyrian art?

Great Emotion in Animal Figures

Which Mesopotamian ethnic group began the tradition of extending loyalty to an individual leader rather than to the state itself?


Which statement is false regarding Assyrian palaces?

Symbolized the Assyrian proclivity for agriculture

Which king is known for his code of laws?


Which is the youngest work?


Which is the oldest work?

Head of Akkadian Ruler

Which building is Ionic?

Temple of Nike, Athens

The Dipylon vase is from which period?


Black-figure vases were most prominent during which period?


A Greek statue of a young female is known as a


Which vase was most often used as a drinking vessel?


Which vase type was most often used a container for perfumed oil?


Which scene was not depicited in the Parthenon?

Zeus and Herakles

The asymmetrical plan of the Erechtheion was most probably due to the fact that the structure

had to incorporate existing shrines

Who was the sculptor of the Aphrodite of Knidos?


Who was the sculptor of Weary Herakles?


A Greek town was built around a/an


Which of the following is not true for the Temple of Apollo at Didyma?

Twisted Pedimental Sculptures

What was the Treasury of Atreus?

A beehive tomb

Which is not true for Minoan painting?


The Lion Gate is found at which complex?

Palace of Mycenae

What is the name of the heavily columned area of an Egyptian temple?

Hypostyle Hall

The unification of Upper and Lower Egypt is pictured on the

Palette of Narmer

How does Persian relief figure sculpture differ from Mesopotamian relief figure sculpture?

Sculptural Quality

Which work has inlaid decoration?

Standard of Ur

Which animal is rare in cave paintings?


Which is not true for Middle Byzantine architecture?

Larger, Wider Naives

Which is not true for Middle Byzantine painting?


he Byzantine portrayal of Christ differs from the Early Christian portrayal in all of the following ways except

A Younger Persona

The emperor portrayed in San Vitale is


The dome of Hagia Sophia is supported by


The earliest well-preserved illuminated manuscript containing scenes from the Bible (the Vienna Genesis) dates from the

6th Century CE

Which is not a basilica-plan structure?

Santa Costanza

Which of the structures below contains an ambulatory?

Santa Costanza

Which was NOT a scene on the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus?

The Annunciation

The shelves on which the dead were placed in Early Christian catacombs were called


Roman Second Style painting is characterized by

Illusionistic Depth

The emperor Augustus commissioned which of the following?

Ara Pacis

The Roman work known as the Pont-du-Gard is a/an


Etruscan temples differ from Greek in which of the following?

Three Cellas

Which is the correct chronological order for Greek vase painting types?

Geometric, Black Figure, Bilingual, Red Figure

Based on their art works, which society had a warrior culture?


The iconographic symbol for Saint Matthew is a/an


The iconographic symbol for Saint Mark is a/an


The iconographic symbol for Saint Luke is a/an


The iconographic symbol for Saint John (the Evangelist) is a/an


With the addition of flying buttresses, Gothic architects eliminated which of the following from the Gothic elevation? (2.0 points)


Which cathedral has architectural statuary demonstrating the S-shaped curve of the so-called "courtly" style?

Reims Cathedral

The illumination of "Christ as the Architect of the Universe" comes from the/a

Moralized Bible

The western "Sedes Sapientiae" (Throne of Wisdom) is equivalent to the eastern

Byzantine Theotokos

Which is not true for Romanesque sculpture?

Curvilinear Movement

The Bayeux Tapestry depicts a/the

Norman Victory at the Battle of Hastings

Carpet pages in manuscript illuminations are characteristic of

Hiberno-Saxon Art

Which one of the works below did not exhibit the so-called animal style?

Torhalle of the Lorsch Monastery

Which is the greatest achievement of Hiberno-Saxon art?

Book of Kells

Which of the following structures were built over the spot from where Muhammad is believed to have ascended into heaven?

Dome of Rock, Jerusalem

What does a squinch support?


Which structure contains the portraits of Justinian and Theodora?

San Vitale

The Rossano Gospels are recognized as the earliest illuminated manuscript containing the

New Testament

Strikingly realistic portraiture is characteristic of

Roman Republican Art

The Emperor Trajan commissioned a/the

Triumphal Column

Which emperor's commissions reflect the influence of Classical Greek art?


Hellenistic sculpture differs from Classical in all of the following except


The Snake Goddess sculpture belongs to which culture?


The influence of the Amarna period is evident in the work done for which Pharaoh?


Bull-headed capitals were created by which culture?


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