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Acute affects of BAC .02

No, tolerance, legal intoxication for minor

Acute affects of BAC .08

legally intoxicated adult (VT)

Acute Affects of BAC .10

tipsy, mild euphoria, "thick" speech, may pass sobriety test, but fail breathalyzer or urine test

Acute affects of BAC .20

loud and obnoxious, falling down drunk

Acute affects of BAC .30

Unconscious, shallow breathing

Acute affects of BAC .40

BAC level at which 98% of population will die

Blood alcohol concentration is affected by a persons______and ______


Binge drinking for men is defined as_____or more "drinks" in _________hours


A "drink" is 1.5 oz. shot of liquor or _______oz, beer or ______oz wine


to calculate proof, the percent alcohol is ______ For example a 12% wine is ______ proof


Chronic alcohol use scars the ______, a disease known as cirrhosis


Alcohol________is the need for greater quantities of alcohol to produce the same effect.


Alcohol is classified as a _______slowing CNS, respiration and heart rate.


A drunk who vomits without waking, or who has _______breathing with cold pale skin is in danger of alcohol poison and should be brought to the emergency room immediately.


Alcohol kills_________per year


Overdose is more likely with ________than with beer or wine; therefore it is more dangerous than beer or wine.


Chronic abuse of alcohol can lead to addiction or_______


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