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What two elements make up the majority of the sun?

Hydrogen and Helium

What phenomenon occurs when the Moon passes directly between the Earth and the Sun?

Solar Eclipse

A body that moves around a larger body is space is called a ______________.


What process produces the Sun's energy?

nuclear fusion

Which layer of the Sun is visible to humans?


Why is the Earth's magnetic field important?

It protects us from harmful solar winds

How long does it take for the Moon to complete one orbit around Earth?

27.3 days

The most accepted explanation for how the Moon formed is called the ____________.

Giant Impact Hypothesis

What shape do most orbits in the solar system follow?


Cooler, darker areas on the Sun's surface are called ________________.


Which planet has the most gravity?


Which planet has an enormous storm called the Great Red Spot?


Which planet has a thick atmosphere and an extreme greenhouse effect making it the hottest planet?


Which planet is turned sideways so that part of the planet never faces the Sun?


Which planet has the shortest year?


Shooting stars are actually _________________.

Meteors burning high in the mesosphere

Small icy bodies with tails of gas and dust are called _______________.


Copernicus proposed that all planets orbit the Sun. This model of the Solar System is called the ________________ model.


Rocky bodies that orbit the Sun, most of which are between Mars and Jupiter, are called _______________________.


The most widely accepted explanation for how the Solar System formed is called the ___________________________.

nebular hyptothesis

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