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māma (妈妈)

mom, mother

bàba (爸爸)

dad, father

nǎinai (奶奶)

grandma (from dad's side)

yéye (爷爷)

grandpa (from dad's side)

wài pó (外婆)

grandma (from mom's side)

wài gōng (外公)

grandpa (from mom's side)

gē ge (哥哥)

older brother

dà gē ge (大哥哥)

the first elder brother

èr gē ge (二哥哥)

the second elder brother

sān gē ge (三哥哥)

the third elder brother

xiǎo gē ge (小哥哥)

the youngest elder brother

dì di (弟弟)

younger brother

jiě jie (姐姐)

elder sister

dà jiě (大姐(姐))

biggest elder sister

èr jiě (二姐(姐))

second eldest sister

xiǎo jiě (小姐(姐))

youngest elder sister

mèi mei (妹妹)

younger sister

fù mǔ (父母)


ér zi (儿子)


dà érzi (大儿子)

elder (eldest) son

èr érzi (二儿子)

second son

nǚ ér (女儿)


sān nǚ ér (三女儿)

third daughter

xiǎo nǚ ér (小女儿)

youngest daughter

wǒ (de) jiā (我的家)

my family

jiā rén (家人)

family members

yī jiā rén (一家人)

one (entire) family

shéi (or shuí 谁)


bú cuò (不错)

not bad

hěn hǎo (很好)

very good, very well

shuāng bāo tāi (双胞胎)


sān bāo tāi (三胞胎)


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