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6 The American Revolution - Dark Days of the War


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Where were most early battles of the American Revolution fought?
New England
In 1776, the heavy fighting moved and for the next 2 years, where did Americans battle the British?
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Who were the generals who led their troops in the Battle of Long Island?
Americans - Washington; British - Howe
Who was favored in the Battle of Long Island?
British - 34,000 troops, 10,000 sailors, 30 warships, 400 boats
Americans - 20,000 troops
What did Nathan Hale do during in the Battle of Long Island?
went behind enemy line to retrieve info and was captured; last words..."I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."
In December, 1776, Thomas Paine wrote another Common Sense pamphlet, what did it say?
it was obvious to all that we had to declare independence
When was the attack on Trenton?
Christmas Day
Who led the attack on Trenton?
General Washington
What was significant about this battle?
General Washington and his troops crossed the icy Delaware River, surprised the troops guarding Trenton & took most prisoner
Who led the British to try recapture Trenton after Washington & his men took it?
General Cornwallis
How did Washington fool Cornwallis and again win a major victory in Princeton?
left campfires burning as decoys as they marched behind British lines to attack Princeton
What did the Trenton/Princeton victories do for the American armies?
gave new hope & confidence
In early 1777, what was General Burgoyne's new plan for the British?
to cut off New England for the rest of the colonies
What happened at Saratoga that was a turning point for Americans?
Burgoyne sends soldiers to Vermont for supplies, patriots attack & defeat; Green Mountain Boys rush to New York to help Americans led by General Gates, Howe surrenders entire army to Americans in Oct, 1777
Why was the Saratoga turning point good for the colonies?
it ended the British threat to the colonies
What does the win at Saratoga convince France to do?
sign a treaty with the US; Feb, 1778
Who did the Continental Congress set to Paris to get help in 1776? Why?
Benjamin Franklin; needed waepons & supplies; wanted France to declare war on Britain
What was the winter 1777-78 at Valley Forge like for both sides?
Americans - little food or clothing, soldiers died from frostbit disease, dubbed the "naked regiment"
British - warm, comfortable & well fed in Philadelphia
Marquis de Lafayette
Frenchman; brought professional soldiers to America,1777
Thaddeus Kosciousko
Polish officer, helped build forts, train the calvary
Bernado de Galvez
Spanish, supplied cattle to American troops
Friedrich von Steuben
Prussian, improved discipline in American army, taught soldiers to march
Battle for New York
Howe leaves Boston; Washington outwits Howe & defeats him even though he has many less troups/resources
Battle of Long Island
Hale captured behind enemy lines trying to get info
The Crisis
Dec 1776; Paine's Common Sense pamphlet stating that no brainer to declare independence
Christmas 1776; Washington & troops cross icy Delaware River winsurprise attack
General Charles Cornwallis
tried to recapture Trenton, outwitted by Washington with campfires
Trenton/Princeton victories
gave Americn armies new hope & confidence
General John Burgoyne
convinces King to try "new" plan of cutting off New England from rest of colonies
Washington tried to stop Howe(British) but is defeated
Washington tried to stop Howe again but is defeated
Fort Stanwix
Benedict Arnold turns away St. Leger (British)
Fort Ticonderoga
retaken by Burgoyne
turning point for Americans