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  1. take a shot (at)
  2. property master
  3. ADR editor
  4. continuity person
  5. missed the boat
  1. a in charge of finding and managing all the props that appear in the film
  2. b to try
  3. c opportunity that has passed
  4. d oversees the procedure and takes the corrupted dialogue, and replaces it with newly recorded lines to the actor's mouth on film to make it lip sync correctly
  5. e also known as the script supervisor; makes notes on every shot, and keep track of props, blocking, and other details to ensure continuity from shot to shot and scene to scene

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  1. the length of a film
  2. having a wonderful time
  3. a student or a recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training
  4. annoying; irritating
  5. members of a film or play

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  1. matte artistthe person who creates and records many of the sound effects


  2. negative cuttera person responsible for the sets and costumes in a film


  3. music mixeremployed on larger productions to manage the set costumers, and to handle the star's wardrobe needs


  4. set dresserlacking imagination, creativity, or vitality


  5. swear wordvulgarity