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  1. matte artist
  2. coherent
  3. cast
  4. showtime
  5. (movie) set
  1. a the time the film is playing
  2. b logical; consistent and orderly
  3. c draw/paint entire sets or extend portions of an existing set
  4. d the entire enclosure in which a (movie) is filmed
  5. e members of a film or play

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  1. to not have an opportunity to participate in
  2. opportunity that has passed
  3. having a wonderful time
  4. to provide food service for staff on set (i.e. - actors and actresses)
  5. to try

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  1. set dresserresponsible for maintaining and styling the hair of anyone appearing on screen


  2. shoot (a film)the time the film is playing


  3. genretype or category


  4. steadicam operatorpart of the sound crew, who manages to keep the microphone, near to the action, but away from the camera frame


  5. (be) (also) known asa late night showing of a film