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  1. music mixer
  2. location manager
  3. put all (one's) eggs in one basket
  4. editor
  5. (movie) set
  1. a the entire enclosure in which a (movie) is filmed
  2. b balances all of the sounds prepared by the dialogue, music and effects editors, and finalizes the films audio track
  3. c to put all your efforts or resources into one person
  4. d the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent whole
  5. e responsible for final clearing (or guaranteeing permission to use) a location for filming

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  1. to not have an opportunity to participate in
  2. deal with simultaneously
  3. the time the film is playing
  4. a failure; to fail
  5. a lack of consistency, agreement, or regularity

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  1. best boythe person who determines the final content of a text


  2. broad (humor)employed on larger productions to manage the set costumers, and to handle the star's wardrobe needs


  3. guaranteean unconditional commitment that something will happen or that something is true


  4. multitaskingdraw/paint entire sets or extend portions of an existing set


  5. coherentparts