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  1. take a chance
  2. soundtrack
  3. grit
  4. negative cutter
  5. running time
  1. a fine cut the negative to match the editor's final edit frame accurately
  2. b the music that accompanies a movie
  3. c indomitable courage, toughness, or resolution
  4. d the length of a film
  5. e to try

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  1. a late night showing of a film
  2. creating a relaxing atmosphere
  3. balances all of the sounds prepared by the dialogue, music and effects editors, and finalizes the films audio track
  4. idiom; something that you say before you say what you believe to be the most important fact of a situation
  5. having a wonderful time

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  1. castindomitable courage, toughness, or resolution


  2. take a shot (at)a late night showing of a film


  3. production catererhead of the sound department on set, responsible for recording all sound during filming


  4. film loadertransfers motion picture film from the manufacturer's light-tight canisters to the camera magazines for attachment to the camera by the second assistant cameraman


  5. editorthe person who determines the final content of a text