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Chapter 12: Active Learning in a Passive Learning World


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Active learners:
-build a large schema
-remember more of what they learn because it has personal meaning to them
-are self-confident students
-are motivated to learn
-use their knowledge to find creative solutions to problems
-seek not just the right answer, but why an answer is right or wrong
some ways to move from passive to active:
-Join a school club
-Read more!
-Watch a documentary
-Be curious! Investigate random topics for fun
-Study maps
-Read or watch travelogs
-Talk to your counselor about planning for college
The active learner...
-takes it personally
-rejects passivity
-looks inward
-is open minded
The passive leaner...
-avoids responsibility
-learns like a zombie
-depends on rewards
-hides out
-grows mental mold