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Chapter 15: Navigating Notes


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benefits of taking notes in class:
1. Notes improve focus.
2. Notes provide a journal
of directions.
3. Notes make a good
study guide.
4. Writing improves
5. Notes activate schema
Rule#1 for navigating notes:
Note-taking is a skill developed over time.
~Be patient and keep at it
Rule#2 for navigating notes:
Note-taking skills begin with active listening skills.
~Use your active listening skills.
Rule#3 for navigating notes:
Always include To Do Information in your notes.
to do info includes:
~changes or additions
~ due date
~permission slip or field trip info
~test/quiz details
Rule#4 for navigating notes:
B judgey.
~make judgements about what's important and what is not quite as important
Rule#5 for navigating notes:
B short.
~Be consistent in their use so the abbreviations become part of your personal note-taking vocabulary
Rule#6 for navigating notes:
It's not a beauty contest
~Your notes need to work for you and no one else
Rule#7 for navigating notes:
Channel your inner artist.
~Draw and label pictures. Create
graphs for math; Diagrams, charts, flow charts, and timelines
Rule#8 for navigating notes:
Use your notes!