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Whom does Juliet meet at Friar Lawrence's cell? What is he doing there?

Paris. talking to Friar about Juliet and the marriage.

What is the meaning of Friar Lawrence's aside in line 16?

He knows why Juliet is pushing the wedding off. He wishes he didn't know about Romeo and Juliet.

What do lines 55-59 mean?

Juliet wants to be with Romeo, she will kill herself o she can't marry Paris.

In which lines does Juliet utter words that can be taken as an accusation of Friar Lawrence for his failure to help more?

Lines 61-65

List the 8 steps in Friar Lawrence's plan

1. consent to parry Paris
2.arrange to be alone the next night
3.drink potion
4.she'll appear dead for 42 hours.
5.she is placed in the family vault.
6.Friar sends letter to Romeo
7.Friar and Romeo will be there when she wakes
8. go to Mantua

What promise does Juliet make to her father?

that he will always rule her and she will obey him

Explain Capulet;s reaction to Juliet's behavior

he's happy and changed the wedding from Thursday to Wednesday

What does he offer to do that he wouldn't usually in order to get ready for Juliet's wedding?

go to the church (tomorrow). stay up all night and will take care of all the kitchen duties and prepare everything.

what request does Juliet make of the Nurse and her mother? What excuses does she give?

to leave her alone for the night. She wants to pray.

Why does Juliet take a dagger to bed with her?

in case she wants to kill herself

Juliet has some doubts about using the mixture in the vial. What is her fear about Friar Lawrence?

he may be trying to kill her

Juliet also fears what might happen if she wakes before Romeo arrives. What 3 possibilities does she mention?

1/. she won't be placed in the vault
2. Romeo will be killed
3. Since Romeo is killed, she will feel terrible.

What are Lady Capulet, the Nurse, Capulet, and the servants doing as the scene opens?

they are entering the house with hears, and spices, cooking meats

What mood are they in?

they are jealous, hasteful

Why doesn't the Nurse discover that Juliet is dead until line 14?

she opens the curtains and she is in her regular clothes, appears dead.

In lines 65-74, Friar Lawrence scolds Juliet's family for something. What is it and what reason does he give?

they were not that close with Juliet and she appeared to be dead which they didn't know about.

What is ironic about lines 75-76?

she really isn't dead

The Capulets were ready to have a wedding feast. How will the preparations for the feast be changed by Juliet's death?

everything will be changed to appear at Juliet's funeral

Why does peter threaten the musicians?

he wants them to play a certain song. and if they won't he won;t pay them and will call them names

what did romeo dream and why is it ironic?

that Juliet came and found him dead and revived him by kissing him. Juliet finds him dead.

What does Romeo expect from Verona?

the letters from Friar about Juliet

What news does he receive?

Juliet is dead

What does Romeo mean in line 34?

he will kill himself in order to be with Juliet

Why does Romeo think he can bribe the Apothecary to break the law of Mantua?

he is poor and starving

For what kind of poison does Romeo ask the Apothecary?

violent and fast acting

What problems arise in Friar Lawrence's plan?

there was a plague and everyone had to stay in their home.
Friar's message wasn't delivered due to Plague
Juliet will awake in 3 hours. and he will take her back to his cell

Why does Paris come to Juliet's tomb?

to lay flowers on the tomb

Why does Paris think Romeo has come to Juliet's tomb?

to be destructive

What is Paris' last request and what effect does it have on Romeo?

to kill him. Romeo wants to and it doesn't bother him. Paris is killed and wants to be buried with Juliet. Romeo is losing it and going crazy.

What does ROmeo notice about Juliet's appearance? Why does she look this way?

SHe isn't pale and still has her beauty. because she really is alive (but believes she is dead)

Why does the Friar run away, leaving Juliet behind?

Juliet wants to kill herself

How does Juliet's react to finding Romeo dead? How are her last actions typical of her?

She wants to kill herself. She wants to kiss him- maybe he will have some poison left on his lips. She stabs herself to death.

What does the Prince mean when he says "all are punished?" What does the Prince see as his own mistake?


What good has come from the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?


What do old Capulet and Montague swear to do?


In a tragedy like Romeo and Juliet bad timing lift threatening. Identify several examples of bad timing from Act 5 that have helped to bring about the tragic end of our hero and heroine.


Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy with a tragic ending and not a romantic comedy, where everything would typically turn out happily. In a brief paragraph, elaborate on the idea about and explain why this play may not end "happily ever after."


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