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General Anxiety Disorder

Worry continually, agitated, free-floating anxiety

Phobic Disorder

irrational fear causes person to avoid object


unwanted, repetitive thoughts or actions

Panic Attack

intense fear something horrible is about to happen


anxiety converted into physical symptom


interpret normal sensations as symptoms of disease


identity crisis, live a separate life/personality

Dissociative Identity Disorder

person exhibits 2 or more distinct and alternating personalities

Major Depressive Disorder

hopelessness, detachment from society, physical and cognitive changes, women twice as vulnerable

Bipolar Disorder

alternate b/w depression and mania


hyperactive, high on life, euphoria


split mind, multiple personalities, split from reality, delusions

Zimbardo's Prison Study

people adapt behaviors to environment around them

Asch's Conformity Experiment

people tend to conform under pressure/unanimous

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