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Africa has many _________ that form __________ or ___________ that cause problems for boats and allowed few harbors.

Rivers; waterfalls; rapids

True or False: Africa has low plateaus and lowlands near the coast.

False: They had high plateaus and lowlands near the coast.

Africa is the ________ largest continent in the world.


What is the belief of Animism?

The belief of spirits in nature and ancestors.

What did the Mayans use to create their calendar?

The planets, sun, and moon.

How long is the estimated solar year of the Mayan Calendar?


What did the Mayans use for their writing system?


What are the 3 ways a Mayan could write?

Phonetically, pictorially, or a combo

What is the Mayans book of creation?

The Popul Vuh

What is the role of a Griot?

They were storytellers who advised Kings.

Where did Griots perform?

The empire of Mali and other West African States

What two thing did Mayan kings perform?

They decided when to ally or fight with city-states and how to allocate crops and taxes from the people.

What do Olmec heads say about Olmec civilization?

Rulers were able to mobilize people for labor projects.

What civilization is an example of a "mother culture"?

The Olmecs

What did the Olmecs possibly give to Mayan and Teotihuacan that makes it a "mother culture?

Their calendar, writing system, and pyramids

Where is Mesoamerica located?

The center of the two Americas and between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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