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Final Exam - THS Senior Theology

Trinity High School Senior Theology Ms. Kimberly Hogan www.THSTheology.org
An Aramaic term of endearment that means Papa or Dada.
Common Good
The sum of the spiritual, material, and social conditions needed for a person to achieve full human dignity.
Dignity of Human Life
All Catholic social teaching principles build on this...
Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers
Fair wages and union participation.
A pastoral papal letter sent to the whole Church, on some important aspect of Church teaching.
A state of being essentially equal or equivalent because of our fundamental dignity as Gods children made in His image and likeness.
Free Will
The power rooted in reason and will...to perform deliberate actions on one's own responsibility.
Human Dignity
Respect due us because we are made in God's image and likeness.
Option for the Poor
Responds to the least in our midst.
Original Sin
The state or condition of sin into which ALL generations of people are born since the time of Adam and Eve's turning away from God.
Peace on Earth
An important social justice encyclical written by Pope John XXIII in 1963 that lists important human rights.
Right to Life
Fundamental right that must be respected.
Claims we can make on each other and on society to guarantee attaining certain basic minimum conditions to live a truly human life.
Social Justice Doctrine
The body of Church doctrine that applies Jesus' gospel to our life together, that is, to society, its institutions, and its economic and political structures.
We are our sisters' and brothers' keepers.
Responsible care for God's creation.
Principle of Subsidiarity
Discourages attempts to maximize or centralize the power of the state at the expense of local institutions.
Cardinal Virtues
Hinge virtues that enable us to live moral lives.
Enables us to love God above everything else for his own sake and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
Commutative Justice
Calls for fairness in exchanges between individuals and private groups.
An open-ended contract of love between God and his people. It involves promises and the duty to be faithful to the promises.
Distributive Justice
Sees to the just distribution of the goods of creation that God intends for all to use and share.
Empowers us to believe in God and all that God has said and revealed to us, including what the Church proposes for our belief, because God is truth itself.
Courage to persist in doing the good.
The process whereby the worlds goods, communications, and peoples are more fully integrated, accessible, and interdependent.
Helps us desire heaven and eternal happiness, trusting firmly in Christ's promises and relying, not on our own efforts, but on the help and graces of the Holy Spirit.
A person who leaves one country to take up permanent residence in another country.
Enables us to render to God and each person what is their due.
Legal Justice
Regulates citizen's obligations to the larger society and government.
One who moves within ones country or between nations, often in search of work.
Right reason in action, good common sense to discern the good and the ways to achieve it.
A person who leaves his or her country and is unwilling to return because of fear of religious, racial, ethnic, political, or some other form of persecution.
Rerum Novarum
The Condition of Labor written by Pope Leo XIII in 1891.
Social Justice
Applies to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to societies, structures, systems, and laws so people's rights are guaranteed.
Regulates our sensual appetites.
Theological Virtues
God-given powers that direct us to our loving Triune God.
Firm attitudes, stable dispositions, and habitual perfections of the intellect and will that govern our actions, order and passions, and that guide our conduct according to reason and faith.
Human reason wedded to truth.
Natural Law
God's plan written into the way He made things. The light of understanding infused in us by God, whereby we understand what must be done and what must be avoided.
Our Social Nature
From the beginning, God made us to be with and for each other. Flows from being made in God's image and likeness.
A group of persons bound together organically by a principle of unity that goes beyond each one of them.
The original cell of social life.
The deliberate killing of unborn human life by means of medical or surgical procedures.
Consistent Ethic of Life
The viewpoint of Catholic Social Teaching that calls for the respect of all human life, especially the most defenseless in our midst.
An act or omission which of itself and by intention causes death, with the purpose of eliminating all suffering.
Prejudice exhibited against the elderly because of their age.
Prejudice manifested in word or deed against people of Jewish origin.
Speaking against.
The belief that men and women are equal and should be treated equally.
Blaming an individual or group for something that the individual or group is not responsible.
The wrong opinion that one sex is superior to the other by the very nature of things.
An oversimplified generalization.
Affirmative Action
Policy and programs set up to correct past discrimination against members or minorities.
A long-standing policy in South Africa of strict racial segregation.
Brothers and Sisters to Us
An important document of the United States Bishops on racism.
A person of Mexican-American heritage.
Katharine Drexel
The founder of the first and only Catholic university for African Americans.
Awareness of the biologically determined superiority of one's own race or ethnic group.
Catholic Relief Services
The overseas relief agency sponsored by the American bishops.
Catholic Worker
The organization and newspaper founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.
Corporal Works of Mercy
Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and imprisoned.
Christ-given Sacrament enables Catholics to become the bread of life for others.
Material Poverty
Lack of sufficient material means to meet basic human needs.
Poverty of the Soul
Lack of purpose in life, a sense of hopelessness about any lasting meaning.
Poverty of the Spirit
Totally depend on God.
Natural resources.
An occupation or profession, followed as one's lifework.
Family Wage
Permits one spouse to work while the other stays home.
Anything a person is expected or obliged to do; duty; responsibility.
Productive activity, especially for the sake of economic gain.
A vocation requiring knowledge of some department of learning or science.
Hard and continuous work; exhausting labor and effort.
A particular occupation, business, or profession; calling.
Exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.
St. Joseph
Patron saint of workers.