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because people started to get away from the Lord, people started to question in the world around them in what alone and totally ignored their Creator?


the belief that everything is material and their is nothing spiritual is?

spontaneous generation

the Greek's explanation for the origin of life about living thing arising from nonliving things?

Middle Ages

the Bible was a closed book during when?


people looked to the ancient Greek philosopher named who?

general revelation

Romans 1 teaches that creation, although cursed is God's what of who He is?


what is God's special revelation?


what confirms what is already obvious in the world around us?


the God of eternal power created what?


when the Bible speaks of scientific text it is what?

Protestant Reformation

the main reason for the increase development since the 16th century was the return to the Bible sparked by the what?


faith and reason are not what?


true faith is a reasonable belief in a reasoning what?

biblical principles

modern science was based on what?

Otto Brunfels

who wrote Herbarum Vivae Eicones?


Herbarum was unique because it included over how many plant illustrations made from actual observations?

Leonhard Fuchs

who was a Protestant teacher in Tübingen?

Konrad Gesner

who served as a professor of natural history and medicine at the Protestant university in Zurich?

Andreas Vesalius

who was the "Father of Anatomy"?

Andreas Vesalius

who wrote Fabrica

William Harvey

who was an English physician and physiologist who is known for his study of the circulation of the blood?

biological investigation

Harvey's extensive experimentation revived what?

John Wilkins

who was a Puritan clergyman who led in the formation of the Philosophical College in London?


the French Academy of Sciences was founded in where in 1666?


who were French Protestants?


who were a group of Calvinist French Catholics who emphasized salvation through love and grace?

Francesco Redi

who performed the first experiments disproving spontaneous generation?

Louis Pasteur

who conducted experiments that marked the end of spontaneous generation?

law of biogenesis

what law states that living things can originate only from existing living things?


what is science put to practical use?

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