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Francis Bacon

Philosopher who adapted the scientific method

Giovanni Borelli

motion of animals, how bodies move

Robert Boyle

discovered oxygen

Tycho Brahe

astronomer; believed that the sun orbited the earth

Otto Brunfels

botany; studied plants from ITALY & GREECE; didnt understand that certain plants only grew in certain areas

Giordano Bruno

infinite universe and worlds

Nicolas Copernicus

earth orbited the sun

Rene Descartes

geometry and coordinate plane

Leonard Fuchs

medicinal plants


laws of motion, improved telescope, microscope

Samuel Hartlib

royal society of london

William Harvey

circulation of blood

Johannes Kepler

planetary motion; properties of planets

Edme Mariotte

studied sap in plants

Marcello Malpighi

early microscopic anatomist; studied theory of plants circulation and insects

John Napier

mathematician, logarithmic

Isaac Newton

developed theory of gravity and laws of motion

Simon Stevin

introduced decimal system

Evangelista Torricelli


Jan Baptist van Helmont

gas as an element

Otto von Guericke

vacuum pump, air pump

Andreas Vesalius

founder of modern biology

Francois Viete


John Wallis

operation of tides; infinity symbol

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