Cocoa Beach High School/Minutemen Battalion Cadet Knowledge 2015-16

BN S-1
Cadet First Lieutenant Khan
BN S-3
Cadet First Lieutenant Britton
BN S-2
Cadet First Lieutenant Burke
BN S-4
Cadet First Lieutenants Mallory and Gately
BN S-5
Cadet First Lieutenants Boulton and Jezierski
BN S-6
Cadet First Lieutenant McClanahan
Battalion Commander
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Noah Krueger
Cadet Major Durkin
Cadet Command Sergeant Major Chase Mangrum
Honorable Barack H. Obama
Secretary of Defense
Honorable Ashton Carter
Secretary of The Army
Honorable John McHugh
Chief of Staff of the Army
General Raymond T. Odierno
General David Perkins
CG, Cadet Command
Brigadier General Peggy Combs
Commander, Sixth Brigade
Colonel Pugliese
LTC (R) James Desjardin
1SG Alex Ruiz
What is the mission of JROTC?
To motivate young people to become better citizens
What is the name given to the first 10 constitutional amendments?
The bill of rights
Three Diamonds
Two Diamonds
Lieutenant Colonel
One Diamond
Three Disks
Two Disks
First Lieutenant
One Disk
Second Lieutenant
3 up, 3 down, a star, and a wreath
Command Sergeant Maj1or
3 up, 3 down, and a star
Sergeant Major
3 up, 3 down, and a diamond
First Sergeant
3 up, 3 down
Master Sergeant
3 up, 2 down
Sergeant First Class
3 up, 1 down
Staff Sergeant
3 up
2 up
1 up, 1 down
Private First Class
1 up
no chevrons
Private No Insignia
What title is given to the cadet in charge of the company?
Company Commander
When you salute during "The Star Spangled Banner" what are you saluting?
The nation
What does the position of honor dictate?
the position of honor dictates that persons of lower rank walk to the left of those of higher rank.
How do you show respect for the National Anthem when out of doors in uniform?
facing the flag or music and saluting
You normally fall-in and start drill from what position?
the position of attention
What is the length of a step during drill?
a step in drill is 30 inches
When talking to an officer, how should you address him/her to show the proper military
address him/her as Sir or Ma'am
The command HALT can be given on what foot?
as either foot strikes the ground
How many steps per minute are required for double time?
180 steps/min
Blood that is bright red in color and shooting out in spurts is an indication of what type of
bright red, spurting blood indicates arterial bleeding
What is artificial respiration used for?
Sir, artificial respiration is used to restore breathing to an accident victim.
What are the five basic map colors?
red, black, blue, green, brown
What is the proper length of a half-step?
15 Inches
What does the color blue represent on a map?
What does the color green represent on a map?
What does the color red represent on a map?
major roads and highways
What does the color black represent on a map?
man-made objects and some roads
What does the color brown represent on a map?
What are the life-saving steps in their correct sequence?
clear the airway, stop the bleeding, control shock, dress the wound.
How do you clear the airway of a conscious victim?
the Heimlich Maneuver.
Before you can start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation you should...
be sure the airway is cleared.
What does your Battalion XO do?
Manages and supervises staff
What does your Battalion S1 do?
records and administration
What does your Battalion S2 do?
security of arms room, computers, and safety
What does your Battalion S3 do?
What does your Battalion S4 do?
What does your Battalion S5 do?
public information and community relations
What does your Battalion S6 do?
computers and tech
What does your Battalion CSM do?
drill and discipline
After being in JROTC for 3 years you may enter the service with what enlisted rank?
Private (E-2)
What is the correct name for the JROTC torch?
corps insignia
What do the colors of the flag mean?
white-purity; red-hardiness and valor; blue-vigilance, perseverance and justice.
What is the name of the military organization used to make up the platoon?
Define leadership.
the ability to influence others to follow
Who was the first commander general of the Continental Army?
General George Washington
What does SAI stand for?
Senior Army Instructor.
What is an azimuth?
a horizontal clockwise angle measured from a known reference point.
How old must you be to enroll in JROTC?
What is meant by the flag being positioned at half-staff?
a sign of national mourning.
What document gives you your freedoms?
Bill of Rights
What are the two parts of an oral drill command?
Preparatory command and Command of Execution
What are the two common types of fractures?
Open and Closed
What does CPR stand for?
cardiopulmonary resuscitation
You may talk while you are in what drill position?
at rest
What is the rule for reading a set of coordinates?
read right first, then up.
If you had a question on drill and ceremony, what book would you use to find the answer?
The difference between a back azimuth and a forward azimuth is how many degrees?
How many norths are indicated on a military map?
three north directions are indicated: grid north, magnetic north, true north
How many degrees are in a circle?
Sir, 360 degrees are in a circle.
What agency is available to your governor in case of disaster or a civil disturbance?
National Guard
What are the Army values? (Think LDRSHIP)
Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Honor, Integrtiy, and Personal Courage
What is "LET"?
Leadership, Education, and Training
What is the key to success in JROTC