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Chapter 23: Taming Test ANXIETY


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How to control anticipatory test anxiety:
1. Make a plan
~organize a study schedule, and stick to it.
2. Use your study skills
3. Visualize success
~think positively about the outcome of the test
4. Expect a little anxiety
~Understand that it's normal; don't focus on it
5. Have confidence in your test taking skills
~remind yourself of your awesome test-taking skills.
6. Relax and breathe
~Take slow, deep breaths. Relax your shoulders and neck
How to control anticipatory test anxiety (continued):
7. Assess the threat
8. Ignore students who finish ahead of you
~The fact that other students finish before or after you has no significance
9. Get enough sleep the night before a test
10. Eat! Hydrate!
~Do not go into a test hungry.
11. Write your fears away
~ Arrive a few minutes early to the classroom. Write a paragraph addressing your fears about the test
12. Talk to your teacher