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  1. prokaryotes
  2. endoplasmic reticulum
  3. cell membrane
  4. endocytosis
  5. lyososomes
  1. a cells that do not contain nuclei
  2. b small organelles filled with enzymes
  3. c site where lipids components of the cell membrane are assembled
  4. d thin, flexible barrier surrounding the cell
  5. e process of taking material into cell by means of infolding or pockets of the cell membrane

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  1. tiny pockets form along the cell membrane, fill with liquid, and pinch off to form vaculoes within the cell
  2. "locomotion" or "internal" are the two types
  3. bringing solid or liquid materials into the cell
  4. located near the nucleus/ help to organize cell division
  5. breaking down food to get only energy

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  1. cell theorystates: All living tings are composed of cells
    Cells are the basic units of structue and funcion of living things
    New cell are produced from existing cell


  2. synthesislittle organs


  3. ribosomessmall particles in RNA and protein found throughtout the cytoplasm


  4. organmany tissues that work together


  5. euraryotescells that do not contain nuclei