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  1. chloroplasts
  2. digestion
  3. absorbsion
  4. excretion
  5. synthesis
  1. a the process of taking things into a cell
  2. b organelles that capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis
  3. c enzymatic breakdown of substances for energy or building materials
  4. d making larger molecules from smaller molecules
  5. e removing desolved waste materials from cells

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  1. eliminating undissolved materials from cells
  2. membrane of the nucleus
  3. threadlike structure withing the nucleus containing the genetic information that is passedfrom one generation to the next
  4. "locomotion" or "internal" are the two types
  5. ability to respond to a stimulus

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  1. nucleoulusa large membrane-enclosed structure that containsthe cell's genetic material in the form of DNA


  2. endoplasmic reticulumportion of the cell outside the nucleus


  3. phagocytosisextentions of cytoplam surround a particle and package it within a food vacuole


  4. endocytosisduring this the membrane of the vacule surrounding the material fuses with the cell membrane, forcing the contents out the cell


  5. chromatinthe granular material you can see in the nucleus