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  1. endocytosis
  2. nucleus
  3. chromosomes
  4. prokaryotes
  5. cytoskeleton
  1. a threadlike structure withing the nucleus containing the genetic information that is passedfrom one generation to the next
  2. b a large membrane-enclosed structure that containsthe cell's genetic material in the form of DNA
  3. c network of protein filaments that help the cell to maintain its shape
  4. d cells that do not contain nuclei
  5. e process of taking material into cell by means of infolding or pockets of the cell membrane

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  1. barrier of cell only in plant cells
  2. breaking down food to get only energy
  3. "locomotion" or "internal" are the two types
  4. membrane of the nucleus
  5. the granular material you can see in the nucleus

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  1. reproductionformation of new cells


  2. synthesismaking larger molecules from smaller molecules


  3. mitochondriaorganelles that convert the chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use


  4. nucleouluswhere assembly of ribosomes begins


  5. absorbsionthe process of taking things into a cell