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According to Teiresias, who is angry with Oddyseus?

if they touch the sacred cattle of helios

According to Teiresias, what action will result in the destruction of the ship and crew?

men courting his wife

according to teiresias, what will odysseus find when he gets home

one just odysseus

how many men will survive the ride back to ithica

kill them

what will odysseus have to do to the suiters?

he will die old

how does teiresias say odysseus will die?

lull men in with their sons and eat them

what do the sirens do?

plug their ears with wax

how do the men get past the sirens

6 heads, 12 tentacles, 3 rows of teeth, and 6 stomachs

describe scylla

a vortex

describe charybdis

scylla, charybdis

circe advises adysseus to pass by ______ rather than ______


what is the name of the island of the cattle?


how many herds/flocks are there on thrinakia

the crew and ship will be destroyed

what will happen if the cattle are harmed

he is the only one that will survive

what does odysseus keep from the men

encourages them

the men stopped rowing out of fear, what does odysseus do in response

takes 6 of his best men

what does scylla do


what god ruled over the island of the sun

calypsos island

where has odysseus been since the incident with helios before he ended up with king alcinous

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