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acid rain
rain wich contains large amounts of harmful chemicals. As a result of burning.
the variety of plant and animal species that exist in a particular environmental area.
able to decay naturally and harmlessly.
carbon monoxide
the poisonous gas formed by the burning of carbon, especially in the form of car fuel.
carbon dioxide
the gas formed when carbon is burned, or when people or animals breathe out.
the general weather conditions usually found in a particular place.
climate change
there has been a growing concern about climate change.
the cutting down of trees in a large area; the destruction of forests by people.
the process by which land changes into desert.
disposable products
describes an item that is intended to be thrown away after use.
a long period when there is little or no rain.
a sudden violent movement of the earth´s surface, sometimes causing great damage.
endangered species
endangered birds/plants/species animals or plants which may soon not exist because there are very few now alive.
the power from something such as electricity or oll, which cando work, such as providing light and heart.
Energy conservations
The process of conserving energy-
The air, water and land in or on which people, animals and plants live.
Many species ofplants and animals are in danger of threatened with extincion.
A large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry.
Sthong, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous gas or smoke
Natural resources
Things such as minerals, forests, coal, etc.
Global warming
A gradual increase in world tempeatyres caused by polluting gases such as carbon dioxide which are collecting in the around the earth and preventing heat escaping into space.
Greenhouse effect
An increase inthe amount of carbon dioxide and other gases inthe atmosphere which is believed to be the cause of a gradual warming of the surface of the earth.
Green peace
An organization that fights for the protection of the environment.
Renewable energy
Describes a form of energy that can be produced as quickly as it is used renewable energy sources such as wind and wave power
Oil slick
A layer of ol that is floating over a large area of the surfaceof the sea, usually because an accident has caused it to scape from a ship or container
Ozone layer
A layer of air high above the eart.
Damage caused to water , air... by harmful substances or waste.
Recycle waste
To collect and treat rubbish to produce useful materials which can be used again
An extremely large wave caused by movement of the earth under the sea, often caused by and earthwuake
Use up natural resources
The degradation of natural resources because of human pressure
A mountain with a large circular hole at the top trough which lava
Unwanted matter or material of any type, often tha which is left after useful substances or parts have been removed

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