22 terms

Ethics Exam

liberal bias
want to emphasize freedom and be leniant
conservative bias
people who want to come down on licentiousness with a heavy hand
main confession of old testament
main confession of new testament
normative per
situational per
existential per
normative per looks at
ten commandments
divorce rate highest for
young people
Roe v. Wade 1973
permitted abortion in america
heart starts beating at
18-25 days
3.) do not take God's name in vain
4.) honor of the sabbath day
5.) honor thy father and thy mother
6.) thou shall not kill
he didnt ask God to take his life
surrogate motherhood
when a woman carries another persons child
society punishes an offender as a lesson to the rest of society
to punish an offender for his/her own good. the goal is to make the offender a better person so he doesn't commit the crime again
focus is on the victim and making them whole again
the goal is to remove the perpetrator from society
speed traps to finance a town hall, this motive doesn't appear in scripture but it is in america
the person is punished simply because he deserves it. this assumes that there is an objective moral order in the universe and therefore the person must be punished the source of the moral order is the Lord
God has not left human beings as isolated individuals
but has planted with communities
chief communities
-family: God plans to redeem man through this
-church: extension o