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  1. Sheol
  2. Saul's Jealousy sprouted from....
  3. Zion
  4. Davidic Covenant
  5. Jerusalem
  1. a Hill on which the oldest part of Jerusalem was built. Poetic name for the city of Jerusalem.
  2. b Hebrew name for underworld.
  3. c 1. Jerusalem is spiritual center of the world
    2. Zion covenant eclipses Sinai
    3. Temple
  4. d A Canaanite city conquered by David that became the capital and religious center of Israel.
  5. e When women were singing praises of David in front of Saul.

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  1. David
  2. First king of Israel, anointed by Samuel. Later rejected by God.
  3. 1. Queen Mother--Mary
    2. Prime Minister--Peter
    3. Thank offering (Todah)--Eucharist
  4. Queen of wealthy country in the south. Came to Jerusalem to test Solomon's wisdom.
  5. Prophet, one of David's chief advisors.

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  1. IshbaalMade king by Abner. Civil war w/ David. Killed by his own men.


  2. MessiahHebrew for "Anointed One"


  3. ApostasyHebrew for "Anointed One"


  4. King Hiram of TyreProphet, one of David's chief advisors.


  5. IsraelNorthern 10 tribes of the two divided kingdoms of the once united Israel.