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  1. ________ succeeded Moses as leader of Israel.
  2. King Hiram of Tyre
  3. Rehoboam
  4. Judges
  5. Ishbaal
  1. a Craftsman who built Solomon's temple.
  2. b Temporary leaders appointed by God to lead the people of Israel when enemies oppressed them.
  3. c Made king by Abner. Civil war w/ David. Killed by his own men.
  4. d Solomon's son and heir. His pride caused all but two (Judah) of the 12 tibes to rebel against him.
  5. e Joshua

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  1. The Keys to the Kingdom
  2. Wisdom
  3. A Canaanite city conquered by David that became the capital and religious center of Israel.
  4. River where Mary and Jesus were baptized. Ark was carried across by Levites here.
  5. When women were singing praises of David in front of Saul.

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  1. Queen of ShebaQueen of wealthy country in the south. Came to Jerusalem to test Solomon's wisdom.


  2. MessiahFirst major city to be captured by Israelites in Canaan.


  3. SheolHebrew name for underworld.


  4. RahabProphet, one of David's chief advisors.


  5. SamuelFirst king of Israel, anointed by Samuel. Later rejected by God.


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