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  1. liver mortis
  2. polarizing light
  3. imbricate
  4. putrefaction
  5. delta
  1. a cuticle scales of humans, they are flat and narrow
  2. b it can reveal if a body has been moved because gravity pulls the blood toward the ground
  3. c a triangular ridge pattern with ridges that go in different directions above and below a triangle
  4. d stage of decomposition where the odor of decaying flesh is present and the corpse appears swollen
  5. e a microscope has a special filter enabling scientists to look at a fiber using specific light wavelengths and determine the type of fiber

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  1. an impression left on any surface that consists of patterns made by the ridges on a finger
  2. a center of a loop or whorl
  3. a network of blood vessels that supplies nutrients to feed the hair and help it grow at the end of the follicle
  4. embedded in the skin, this structure produces the hair shaft
  5. a system of classifying fingerprints that was first adopted by Scotland Yard and modified by the FBI. It helps to classify groups of fingerprints

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  1. cortexa center of a loop or whorl


  2. latent fingerprinta hidden fingerprint made visible through the use of powders or other techniques


  3. autolysisthis is where the cell membrane dissolves, enzymes and other cell contents spill out and digests the surrounding tissue


  4. class evidencematerial that connects an individual or thing to a certain group


  5. plastic fingerprinta three-dimensional fingerprint made in soft material such as clay, soap, or putty