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  1. Henry's system
  2. fiber
  3. rigor mortis
  4. cortex
  5. putrefaction
  1. a region of the hair is located outside of the medulla and can contain granules of pigment
  2. b the smallest indivisible unit of a textile, it must be 100 times longer than it is wide
  3. c a system of classifying fingerprints that was first adopted by Scotland Yard and modified by the FBI. It helps to classify groups of fingerprints
  4. d stage of decomposition where the odor of decaying flesh is present and the corpse appears swollen
  5. e stiffening of the skeletal muscles after death

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  1. a folded paper used to hold evidence
  2. study of human bones
  3. the recognizable pattern of the ridges found in the end joints of fingers that form lines on the surface of objects in a fingerprint
  4. a form used to record and preserve a person's fingerprints
  5. death that is caused by unplanned events such as drowning or a boat accident

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  1. plastic fingerprinta three-dimensional fingerprint made in soft material such as clay, soap, or putty


  2. direct evidenceevidence that if true, proves an alleged fact, such as an eyewitness account of a crime


  3. corea center of a loop or whorl


  4. trace evidencesmall but measurable amounts of physical or biological material found at a crime scene


  5. warpa fingerprint pattern that resembles a bull's eye (30%)