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Mr.Suehr Honors History 10 Test 12/19/11


December 10, 1941, Japan invades Guam. 6:00pm that night, General McMillian Surrenders

Wake Island

Japan Invades Wake Island December 11. Failed first attempt, US Maarines surrender on second attempt

Douglas MacArthur

Commander of US Pacific Theater

Chester Nimitz

Commander in Chief of US Pacific Theater

Japanese Capture os the Philippines

Japan bombed Clark Field a US air base and destoryed almost half of it. US withdraws to the Bataan Peninsula where they are stuck with only hope of being captured, and running low of resources

Bataan Death March

The US Soldiers still on the Bataan Peninsula are taken on a death march 60 miles to a railway junctions where they were taken to work camps with random beatings and killings

Masahuro Homma

Responsible for the care of the soldiers in the death camps. Executed in 1945 for war crimes.

Bushido Code

Way of the Warrior. Japanese lived by this code which stressed loyalty and honor to their empire until death

Joseph Stilwell

In charge of recapturing Burma back from when it fell to the Japanese.

Fyling Tigers

Name given to the American Volunteer Group (AVG) by the chinese. Most Important weapon was the P-40 Tomahawk

Claire Chennault

In charge of the Flying Tigers

3 Carriers ar Pearl Harbour

USS Lexington
USS Saratoga
USS Enterprise

Doolittle's Raid

January 1942 Doolittle was put in command of a secret mission to train the B-25 Mitchells to launch off the USS Hornet and bomb the Japanese Homeland. The planes were detected too early and most planes were forced to crash in China

Battle of the Coral Sea

May 7 The fall of Dutch East Indies gave Japan a straight shot to Australia. Japan damaged the Yorktown and destroy the Lexington. US destroy Shoho, Damaged Shokaku, and destroyed most planes from the Zuikaku. Stopped invasion of Port Morseby and Australia)

Battle of Midway

Turning point of the war. Japan planned to destroy the US fleet by tricking them into fighting at Midway. The Japanese coade (JN-25) was broken in time to stop the invasion.

Commander Joseph Rochefort

Intelligence officer who broke the Japanese code. AF stood for Midway.

Island Hopping

Strategic military strategy of choosing certain enemy islands that are essential and bypassing others

Admiral William "Bull" Halsey

Commander in charge of pushing through to the Solomon Islands. Worked with Chester Nimitz


Part of the Gilbert Islands. November 23, Tarwana is secured by US under command of Nimitz at a high cost


February 3, US captures Kwajalein


February 23, US captures Eniwetok and the Marshall Islands are now secure.


Located in the Marianas Islands. Civilians in the city of Saipan commited Mass Sucicide instead of being captured. Saipan was secured on July 9.

The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

Battle of the Philippines. US gained control of air and sea during this battle.

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Largest naval battle. Americans destroy the Japanese Navy and it is the last battle that Japan can conduct a large scale operation in the war.


Suicide planes that Japanese used to fly into US aircraft carriers.

Liberation of the Philippines

January 9, the US forces invade Luzon, Bataan, Corrigedor, and Clark Field, which are all quickly taken. Battle for the capital Manila. Battle continued until the end of the war.

Mt. Surabachi

Photo of US Marines holding a flag on op of this mountain symbolized the struggle of the soldiers.

Banzai Charges

Meaning Ten Thousand Years. The Japanese screamed this as they charged to their death trying to kill as many people as they can.

Battle of Okinawa

350 Miles aways from Japan's homeland, Okinawa was the last obsticle before the invasion of Japan. Fighting ended on June 21 with the city secured.


Japanese Super-Carrier

Operation Downfall

Code name for the Manhattan Project

Albert Einstein

Wrote a letter to FDR saying that Germany was on the verge of creating an incredibly powerful bomb.

Manhattan Project

Super secret project plan to invade Japan. Objective was to build an ATOMIC BOMB!

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Supervisor of the bulding of the bomb

Enrico Fermi

Created the first controlled chain reaction at the University of California

Interim Committee

June 1, 1945 A meeting was held to debate whether or not to use the bomb.

Four other Possibilities

Massive Invasion of Japan
Create a Blockade to Cut off all supplies and starve them
Lower the surrendering demands
Demonstrating the bomb in hopes they surrender

Marry S. Truman

Became president 3 months before and had no idea of the bomb. Decided to use the bomb because it was a military weapon and should be used as such.

Enola Gay

August 9, 1945 a B-29 plane named Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb.


The first atomic bomb was dropped on this city

Little Boy

The name of the first atomic bomb made fomr Plutonium


August 9 1945, another B-29 plane names Bockscar dropped the second atomic bomb.

Fat Man

Second atomic bomb made from Uranium


Second city bombed with a nuclear bomb. Nagasaki wasn't supposed to be the next city bombed, but all other cities ahead of it on the list was too bad weather wise.

USS Missour

This is the boat that the Japanese signed the surrender papers on in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. World War Two is over!

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