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Eng 2. (Adv. Comp. - Ms. Parr)

JEHS Adv. Comp. [Ms. Parr] Class flashcards Materials: Tests -Secret Garden -Typhoid Fever -Romeo & Juliet (Test 1 & 2) - Jurassic Park (Test 1 including Study Guide questions
[Secret Garden] The "I" who is telling the story is....
Azadeh Moaveni
[Secret Garden] Azadeh's country of origin...
[Secret Garden] This excerpt is from the author's book...
"Growing Up Muslim"
[Secret Garden] This book is best described as...
[Secret Garden] The tone of this story can best be described as...
[Secret Garden] In Cali, the narrator and her mother experienced...
[Secret Garden] In Iran, the narrator and her mother experienced...
[Secret Garden] The narrator felt...
like a visitor to Iran
[Secret Garden] _____ is a term of endearment meaning "life"
[Secret Garden] To consort with means to...
keep company with
[Typhoid Fever] This is a set in...
United States
[Typhoid Fever] The main narrator, Francis, has...
typhoid fever
[Typhoid Fever] The girl who is the hospital with him is named _____ and she has ______.
Patricia; diphtheria
[Typhoid Fever] When induced is used as an adjective it means...
persuaded; led on
[Typhoid Fever] I don't want the ghost of children with green mouths pointing bony fingers at me and...
[Typhoid Fever] The wind was a ...
[Typhoid Fever] Patricia and Frankie's rooms are next to each other but soon....
Frankie is moved to another room
[Typhoid Fever] In the end, Frankie...
recovers and returns home
[Typhoid Fever] When Frank McCourt comes to Ameria he works several odd jobs but in the end he chooses what he consider to be the most prestigious profession.....
[Romeo & Juliet] Shakespeare uses a prologue to inform the audience that..
the lovers from the feuding families will die
[Romeo & Juliet] The fight in Scene 1 starts when...
Capulet and Montague servants quarrel over petty insults
[Romeo & Juliet] Adjectives that describe the character of Tybalt are...
saucy and hotheaded
[Romeo & Juliet] When Benvolio tales with Romeo, he finds his cousin..
focused on lover and temperamental
[Romeo & Juliet] Lord and Lady Capulet plan for their daughter to...
marry Paris
[Romeo & Juliet] Adjectives that describes the character of Juliet are...
intelligent and obedient
[Romeo & Juliet] What is unusual about the Montague clan at the Capulet's party?
They wore masks.
[Romeo & Juliet] Juliet first meets Rome...
at Capulet's party
[Romeo & Juliet] What is the subject of the conversation between Nurse and Juliet at the end of Act I?
Juliet wants the Nurse to identify Romeo
[Romeo & Juliet] ___ is not an archaic word.
[Romeo & Juliet] Mercutio can be described as a foil to Romeo because...
he comes from a different social class
[Romeo & Juliet] An aside is spoken..
by a character to the audience or another character that others onstage are not supposed to hear
[Romeo & Juliet] What point does Prince Escalus of Verona make in his dramatic monologue to the Montague and Capulet families?
Anyone who continues the feud between the families will be put to death
[Romeo & Juliet] A tragedy is defined when...
a main character dies, a character is responsible for his or her own downfall, and/or serious actions end unhappily
[Romeo & Juliet] Which character speaks the following lines:
"O, speak again, bright angel, for thou art
As glorious to this night, being o'er my head,
As is winged messenger heaven"
[Romeo & Juliet] In the balcony scene, Juliet says, "What Montague/ It is nor hand, nor foot/ Nor arm, no face. O, be some other name/ Belonging to a man.../ What's in a name? That which we can call a rose/ By any other word would smell as sweet/"

She means that --
Romeo's name is an accident of birth not an essential part of him
[Romeo & Juliet] Juliet quickly admits her love to Romeo because...
he has overheard her thinking aloud about her love for him
[Romeo & Juliet] What do Juliet and Romeo decide to do about their love?
They plan to have Friar Laurence marry them
[Romeo & Juliet] Tybalt sends a letter to Lord Montague and tells him...
he has a feud to settle with Lord Montague's son
[Romeo & Juliet] Mercutio engages Romeo in converstaion about fashion in order to..
have Romeo match wits with him
[Romeo & Juliet] The purpose of the humor rising from the nurse's comic character is to ...
display Shakespeare's wit
[Romeo & Juliet] Friar Laurence scolds Romeo because..
Romeo is so changeable in love
[Romeo & Juliet] In Act II, the action focuses on the plans of Romeo and Juliet. When the Nurse brings Juliet the message from Romeo, the Nurse intensifies the moment by..
going on and on about her pains, thus leaving Juliet in suspense
[Romeo & Juliet] When a character delivers a soliloquy, he or she...
expressed private thoughts to the audience
[Romeo & Juliet] In the balcony scene, Romeo says to the audience "Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this" This form of speech is...