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Magna Carta

the ______ ________ was a document that required British royalty to obey the same laws as other people


The Magna Carta showed it was important to limit the powers of...

Virginia Statue for Religious Feedom

______ _______ ___ ______ _________ declared no person coul be forced to attend church or pay for a church with taxes


Tomas Jefferson's ideas were different because he felt that the government had no right to control _______ choice

Northwest Ordinence of 1787

The ________ ________ _____ _____ made education a basic right by providing public education for all citizens


the northwest ordinance of 1787 established a standard for _______ in future territories of the U.S.


Under Northwest Ordinance of 1787 a territory could apply for statehood when it hd __________ people and a drafted constitution


the Land Ordinance of 1785 was used to set up a system for dividing __________ lands


Congress passed these ordinances because they had to decide what to do with the __________ lands


Land was split into ___________ and then each township was divided into a smaller lot

abolation movement

The banning if slavery in some state condtitutions was signifigant because it marked the begginings of the _________ __________

state constitutions

The creation of governments with limited pwaer was a charicteristic of most...

Articles of Confederation

The Declaration of Independence Influenced the _________ _______ ________ because it condemned the power of the British King over the colonies, which was reflected in the creation of a limited government

Articles of Confederation

The ______ ______ ______ established the first national government of the United States

Shay's Rebellion

In response to ________ _______ the government anounced a convention to revise the Articles of Confederation


The ____________ policy that forced them to pay taxes on land was the main cause of Shay's Rebellion

central government

Following Shay's Rebellion, most people wanted a stong ________ __________

confederation government

The signifigance of Shay's Rebellion was that it showed Americans the weakness of the ___________ ___________


The Articles of Confederation made it difficult for the government to protect land or citizens because there was no ____ and they could not ask states for soldiers


The Articles of Confederation gave Congress little power to pass or enforce nationwide laws and tariffs, which ultametly led to increase ____

state government

The Articles created a weak government that had little control over the actions of individual ______ __________ which made them ineffective in solving internal problems

individual liberty

The A of C failed to implement the ideas set forth in the D of I by not protecting...

imports and exports

Great Britain placed a high tariff on __________ ___ _______ which forced Americans a higher price for goods

Mississippi River

In 1784 Spain closed the lowe_______ _________ which caused trade problems

federal government

The Virginia Plan suggested giving the__________ __________ supreme power and dividing the government into three branches

Great Compromise

The __________ _____________ created a bicameral legislature where one house was based on population, and the other would have equal representation


North and South disagreed about slaves because the south wanted slaves to count toward their _________

three fifths compromise

The North and South agreed on the ______ ________ _____________


______ is where powers are shared between federal snd state governments

popular sovereignty

the Constitution attempted to follow the D ofI by protecting _________ __________

foreign policy

Under the constitution, only the national government has the power to establish ______ _______


Both federal and ____ governments share the power to establish courts


Establishing schools is a power held only by the _________

Checks and Balances

________ ___ ________ were created to prevent one branch from becoming too powerful


The decision to give the power to coin money to the federal government was so that only one type of _____ would be used


During the writimg of the comstitution, Govenuer ______ of News York fought for the slaves

Anti federalists

_________ __________ thought that the constitution gave too much power to the central government

Federalists Papers

The _________ _____________ tried to assure the people that the government would not overpower the states


The Bill of Rights was a document added to the constitution that ensured the protection of individual rights and what


One reason the constituion has been around so long is because it is so __________ to meet the needs of a changing nation

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