Chinese for Youth 3 Chp 5 Vocab Set 3B

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from text p 59 Right column


kuàicān fast food

漢堡 (汉堡)

Hànbǎo hamburger

炸雞塊 (炸鸡块)

zhájī kuài chicken nugget

炸薯條 (炸薯条)

zhá=shǔtiáo French fries

比薩 (比萨)

bǐsà pizza


huǒtuǐ ham


sānmíngzhì sandwich

壽司 (寿司)

shòusī sushi


biǎoshì express, indicate

感謝 (感谢)

gǎnxiè thank


zhāodài host guests


hàokè hospitality


bùhǎoyìsi feel embarrassed

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