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  1. frac/frag
  2. interruption
  3. extract
  4. committee
  5. ordinarily
  1. a to crack; to break
  2. b n. The act of breaking in on.
  3. c adv. Usually, generally, in the regular way
  4. d v. To put out or remove by force. To draw out by processing.
    n. A concentrated form of a substance.
  5. e 1. n. A group of people who work together on some matter.

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  1. v. 1. The bend or throw back light, heat or sound. 2. To think back about; to consider carefully
  2. v. To break or burst. n. The act of bursting.
  3. L. to heap up, to build
  4. Gk. measure
  5. suffix that makes a word a noun

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  1. basementn. The lowest floor, partly or fully below the ground.


  2. civiladj. 1. Having to do with citizens and their relation to each other and to the government. 2. Fairly courteous.


  3. fragilityn. The condition of being easily shattered or broken.


  4. thermGk. heat


  5. destructiven. The arrangement of the parts of a whole. Something built, constructed, organized.