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  1. retract
  2. rupture
  3. basis
  4. composition
  5. coordinate
  1. a n. The foundation, the part that supports something.
  2. b v. To take back or withdraw. To draw back or in.
  3. c v. To bring together to work smoothly
  4. d v. To break or burst. n. The act of bursting.
  5. e n. 1. The act or the result of making something in writing, art or music. 2. The makeup of a thing, the mixture of parts that make the whole.

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  1. L. citizen
  2. to crack; to break
  3. L. order
  4. adj. Tearing down; likely to discourage, ruin, destroy, put an end to.
  5. v. 1. To get rid of or throw away. 2. To take care of or settle.

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  1. conversen. The study of a citizen's rights and duties in a society.


  2. symmetricalv. To take back or withdraw. To draw back or in.


  3. baslow (L.); base or pedestal (Gk.)


  4. -ureL. order


  5. poslow (L.); base or pedestal (Gk.)