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  1. extract
  2. interruption
  3. rupt
  4. symmetrical
  5. dispose
  1. a v. 1. To get rid of or throw away. 2. To take care of or settle.
  2. b adj. Similar in shape and size on opposite sides of a dividing line.
  3. c n. The act of breaking in on.
  4. d v. To put out or remove by force. To draw out by processing.
    n. A concentrated form of a substance.
  5. e to break; to burst

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  1. n. The act of putting something together in an organized way; building.
  2. n. A device that marks the beat for musicians.
  3. (n.) Suffix that means the result of being...
  4. adj. 1. Having to do with citizens and their relation to each other and to the government. 2. Fairly courteous.
  5. adj. Tearing down; likely to discourage, ruin, destroy, put an end to.

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  1. diametern. A line passing through the center of a circle from one side to the other.


  2. geometryn. The area of mathematics that deals with lines, angles, and figure and their measurements.


  3. civicsn. Courteous behavior.


  4. structL. to heap up, to build


  5. ordinarilyadv. Usually, generally, in the regular way