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  1. contraction
  2. -ure
  3. relate
  4. reelect
  5. retract
  1. a v. 1. To have a connection with. 2. To tell.
  2. b v. To take back or withdraw. To draw back or in.
  3. c (n.) Suffix that means the result of being...
  4. d n. 1. A shortening of two words, such as isn't for "is not." 2. The thickening and hardening of a muscle in action.
  5. e v. To vote into office for another term; to chose and elect again.

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  1. n. The power to grip or hold to a surface. A pulling on part of the body to help in.
  2. n. A person who is not in the military. adj. Relating to civil life, not military.
  3. L. order
  4. n. 1. The act or the result of making something in writing, art or music. 2. The makeup of a thing, the mixture of parts that make the whole.
  5. n.1. Place or placement. 2. Job, rank, office. 3. Point of view, way of thinking.

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  1. ruptadj. Sudden, without warning, unexpected.


  2. communicatev. To make known, to share information together.


  3. extractv. To take back or withdraw. To draw back or in.


  4. disposev. 1. To get rid of or throw away. 2. To take care of or settle.


  5. reactionn. 1. A response. 2. The production of a chemical change in substances.