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radio telescope

Collects and amplifies radio waves


late stage of star life that occurs when hydrogen fuel is depleted

local group

cluster of about 50 galaxies including the Milky Way

Big Bang theory

all matter and energy compressed into single point that is always expanding

refracting telescope

uses convex lens to collect light

dard energy

energy that might be caused by accelerated expansion of universe


star pattern that appears to form images

dark matter

type of matter that cannot be seen and only detected by gravitational effects


visible surface of the sun


Device that uses prisms or diffraction to separate light into its component wavelengths

microwave background radiation

radiation that provides evidence for an original hot expanding universe

main sequence

section of H-R diagram that is plotted from upper left to lower right


study of how universe began


large group of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity

reflecting telescope

uses a mirror to collect light

Milky Way

Spiral galaxy that 100,000 light years in diameter and has 2-400 billion stars including the sun

Red shift

phenomena that the galaxy shifts to red of spectrum due to motion away from Earth

White Dwarf

Giant star that has lost its outer layers leaving behind a hot, dense core


cool darker areas of sun's outer layer


Distance light travels in one year

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