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Based on A Child's History of the World by Virgil M. Hillyer.

What is prehistory of the world called?

Stone Age

Why is it called Stone Age?

People used things of stone (spears, arrows, hatchets) and lived in stone houses (caves).

What two things helped people against predators?

Hands and Minds/Brains

Important First Invention?


Why was fire important?

warmth, light, cooking, to heat metal

First metal discovered to melt?

copper for beads, ornaments, sharp blades and points... better than stones

What is Bronze?

tin and copper melted together = stronger than copper

Bronze Age

People used things of bronze (spears, arrows, hatchets, tools & weaons)

Iron Age

Iron was better than copper or bronze

Golden Age

Fairy Tale!

Oldest known body of water

Persian Gulf

Early land: Syria, Egypt, Middle East, North Africa

shared how to grow foods, exhange goods,

B.C. or B.C.E.

Before Christ or Before Common Era

A.D. or C.E.

Anno Domini ... since the time of Christ; or Common Era


ancient Middle Eastern written language


ancient Egyptian written language; picture writing


ancient Indian written language

Name four ancient civilizations

Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China

What did the ancient civilizations have in common?

grew up along river valleys

River in Egypt


River in Mesopotamia

Tigris and Euphrates

River in India

Indus River

River in China

Huang River = Yellow River

Benefits of river valleys

plentiful food, water for people, plants and animals to drink

What do you call lots of people living close together?

a town

Why were boats built?

for trading from far away

What was a negative from the boats and travel

some people began to fight


a plant Egyptians used for paper... in a roll or scroll

Rosetta Stone

3 kinds of writing.... a translation stone

Characteristic of the Nile

overflowed one a year, forming a natural fertilizer

Pharaoh Menes

1st Egyptian King, 3100 BC

1st class in Egypt?

Priests, doctors, lawyers and engineers

2nd class in Egypt?


3rd class in Egypt?

farmers, shepherds,shopkeepers, merchants, and mechanics

What is the lowest egyptian class


Did the Egyptians believe one god, many gods or idols?

Egyptians believed in many gods

Why did the Egyptians pickle their bodies to be mummies?

Egyptians believed their souls lived near their bodies after death, so they pickled their bodies to be Mummies


tombs for kings; 3000 B.C.

Great Pyramid was built for whom?

King Cheops


statue of body of lion and head of a Pharoah


Huge houses for the Egyptian gods

Find Assyria, Babylonia, Chaldea, Mesopotamia, Ararat and Euphrates on a map

go to Google Earth


Tower of Babel, astronomers, wrote in cuneiform on bricks, wheat, dates, fish

King Hammurabi

1770 BC. Code of laws


land of Jews, Abraham - 1900 BC, Isaac, Joseph, Israelites

Rameses the Great

killed baby boys... story of Moses. Exodus. 1300 BC


Led the Exodus from Egypt. Gave us the 10 Commandments.

Jews believed in one God, gave us Old Testament

1900 BC: Ur to Canaan, 1700 BC Canaan to Egypt; 1300 BC Egypt back to Canaan


another word for Greece; about 1300 BC

Did the Greeks believe in one god, many gods or idols?

Greeks believed in many gods

12 Chief gods, 6 males, 6 female = goddesses

How many chief gods did the Greeks believe in?

Zeus or Jupiter

Father/King of gods

Hera or Juno

Wife/Queen of gods

Poseidon or Neptune

brother of Zeus. rules the sea

Hephaestus or Vulcan

god of fire


most beautiful god. god of the sun,song and music

Artemis or Diana

twin sister of Apollo. goddess of the moon and hunting

Ares or Mars

terrible god of war

Hermes or Mercury

messenger of gods

Athena or Minerva

goddess of wisdom

Aphrodite or Venus

goddess of love and beauty

Hestia or Vesta

goddess of the home and fireside

Demeter or Ceres

goddess of the farmer

Hades or Pluto

brother of Zeus, ruler of the underworld

Greeks prayed to gods for victory and offered animals and food/wine.... sacrifice

What did Greeks pray to gods for?

Trojan War

1200 BC. Helen was stolen from Sparta and brought to Troy. Greeks made a fake horse present, invaded Troy to save Helen.

What was the Inspiration of the Illiad and Odyssey.. two famous poems written by Homer

the Trojan War

King of Jews: David

killed giant Goliath, wrote beautiful songs for God, called Psalms.


son of David. very wise king. His wise sayings are called Proverbs.


created the Alphabet, lived north of the Jews by the Meditteranean Sea and traveled far on boats. They were artisans and craftspeople, weavers, dyed cloth and robes. Tyrian purple for kings robes

Did Phoenicians believe in one god, many gods or idols?



Greek city... strong soldiers, discipline, military


Greek city... loved arts, beauty, athletic games, music, poetry, train the mind and body


games started in Olympia Greece, 776 BC; then in 1896 held in Athens


History told by Virgil. City in Italy.

Romulus and Remus

twins. Romulus killed Remus and founded the city of Rome.

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