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what would a deficit of plasma proteins likely cause?

decreased osmotic uptake

the following is true of mitosis:

it results in 2 cells genetically identical to the orignal.

Normal human cells (except sperm and eggs) have a total o f how many chromosomes?


Liver failure can cause edema by:

decreasing protein levels in the blood.

Hypertension can cause edema by:

Increasing capillary filtration

Basal cell carcinoma is:


the force that draws water through a semipermeable membrane from a solution of lower solute concentration to a solution of higher concentration


A healty cell..

has more sodium outside than inside

what is considered normal serum pH?


Inflammation can cause edema by:

increasing capillary permeability to proteins

a tumore that is encapsulated, slowly expanding mass made up of relatively normal cells might be a


When the osmotic pressure(solute concentration) of the blood is elevated above normal, water would shift from the:

interstiial compartment (ECF:extracellular fluid) into the blood

Filariasis can cause edema by:

blocking lymp vessels

the structure of a virus includes:

a protein coat and DNA or RNA

Leiomyoma is:

benigh: from smooth muscle tissue

charactristic of HIV+

antibodies in blood indicate presence of virus and possible transmission to others

Liver failure can cause edema by:

decreasing proteins out of the body

AIDS is a syndrome defined specifically by T-cell count and infections, Being HIV+ indicates the presence of antibodies to the virus, One can be HIV+ and NOT have AIDS:but one cannot have AIDS w/o being HIV+

true regarding HIV/AIDS

What is a benign neoplasm orginating from adipose tissue called?


Hypertension can cause edema by

Increasing capillary filtration

What is the correct order for the phases of mitosis?

interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

What is movement of solvent and dissolved solute across semipermable membrane from high pressure to low pressure?


What is diffusion and osmosis of molecules and ions from nephron back into bloodstream?


What is diffusion of molecules and ions from bloodstream into nephron?


Antidiuretic Hormone and Aldosterone control amount of water, Na+ and K+ reabsorption

Hormonal Control

How can kidney failure cause edema?

excreting proteins out of the body

Antibodies in blood indicate presence of virus and possible transmission to others.


step throat




athlete's foot


oral "thrus" infection












what happens to serum pH when many excess hydrogen ions accumulate in the blood?

serum pH decreases

what is essential in order tomaintain serum pH within normal range.

the normal ratio of carbonic acid to bicarbonate must be 1:20 (bicarbonate to carbonic acid 20:1)

what is the correct effect on the body of abnormally slow respirations (carbonic acid)?

increased carbonic acid

what would cause metabolic acidosis

prolonged diarrea

Where would the secretion of cortisole during a stress response be?

adrenal cortex

During the stress response, cortisole assists in:

increasing blood glucose levels

Norepinephrine and epinephrine

are secreted as part of the sympathetic nervouse sys response to stress

Each spinal nerve conducts impulses from a specific area of the skin called


occurs frequently of acute pain, but not chronic pain

stress response

multiple myeloma is a malignant tumor involving

plasma cells

what coverts prothrombin to thromin in hemostasis:

protrhombin activator

in normal homeostatic balance, which substances should be dominant in their effects?

anti-clotting factors

for a person to have sickle cell anemia a person must

inherit one sickled hemogolobin gene from each parent

Sickle trait means that a person has

1 hbs gene and one normal hemoglobin gene

DIC stands for

Disseminated intravascular coagulation

DIC causes

hemostasis and bleeding

hemoglobin is made up of

proteins, pigment, iron

normal erythocyte count

4-6 million per microliter

Normal leukocyte count is

5-10 thousand per microliter

Normal hemoglobun count

250 million per erythrocyte

a pregnant woman who is blood type "AB negative"

has fairly rare blood type

blood type a

A antigen - anti b antibodies

blood type b

B antigen - anti a antibodies

blood type AB - universal receipient

AB antigens - no antibodies

blood type o - universal donor

no antigens - a and b antibodies

p wave

atrial depolarization and contraction

Q S wave

ventricular depolarization and contraction

t wave

ventricular repoloarization and relaxation


volume of venouse return


peripherial resistance

myocardial infarction

total obstruction of acoronary artery

what confirms the presence of a myocardial infarction

characteristics patters for serum insoenzymes and the ecg

why does ventricular fibrillation result in cardiac arrest

insufficient blood is supplied to the myocardium

signs of right sided heart failure

edematous feet and legs with hepatomegaly

where will failure of the left ventricle cause increased pressure

pulmonary capillaries

the classic early manifestation of left-sided congestive heart failure would be shortness of breath on exertion or lying down while the early sign of right sided hf is swelling in ankles


cardiac pacemaker wiould be inserted

for heart block

the most dangerouse arrhythmia

ventricular fibrillation

in patients with hf, ace inhibitor drugs are usefule because

reduce renin and aldosterone

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