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Muscles are composed of __, but arrangement varies.

Circular (general term is Sphincters)

fascicles converge toward a single insertion tendon

Circular (sphincters)

fascicles that surround external body openings

orbicularis muscles of the mouth

example of circular/sphincter muscle


fascicles converge toward a single insertion tendon, and the muscle is triangular or fan shaped.

pectoralis major muscle of the chest

example of of convergent fascicle muscles


fascicles run parallel the length of the long axis of the muscle, and the muscle is strap-like


Parallel fascicles that are spindle-shaped muscle with an expanded belly.


Short fascicles attach obliquely to a central tendon


Fascicles insert into only one side of the tendon.

Extensor Digitorum Longus

Example of pennate fasciles:


the fascicles insert into opposite sides of the tendon

Rectus Femoris

Example of bipennate fascicles


the fascicles insert from several different sides of the tendon


Example of multipennate fascicles


A muscles's fascicle __ determines its range of motion and power

1) Muscle can shorten more
2) Not usually very powerful
3) Packs in the most fibers

A muscle's fascicle arrangement determines its range of motion and power.
-Longer and more nearly parallel fascicles: (1-2)
-Shorter, stocky binpennate and multipennate: (3)
-Muscles shortens little
-Very powerful

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