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sol solis m


avis avis m/f


gens gentis f


iuvenis iuvenis m

young man

epulae arum f pl

banquet feast

anulus i m


sponsalia sponsalium n pl

betrothal ceremony

serenus a um

clear bright

deditus a um

devoted dedicated

submissus a um


sinister sinistra sinistrum


observo are avi atus

to watch

neglego neglegere neglexi neglectus

to neglect

despondeo despondere despondi desponsus

to betroth


he says

gratulor gratulari gratulatus sum + dat

to congratulate

lucet lucere luxit

it is light

taedet taedere taesum est

it bores (acc)

oportet oportere oportuit

it is fitting

decet decere decuit

it is becoming




so much

curae esse

to be a cause of anxiety

id quod

that which

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