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Mr. Kobold's need-to-know literary terms


an abstract or ideal conception of a type; a perfectly typical example; an original model or form


the use of one subject to evoke ideas and associations not literally part of the original object

universal theme

timeless truth about humanity


time and place

dramatic irony

a circumstance in which the audience or reader knows more about a situation than a character

sensory imagery

an image based on one or more types of sensation


a figurative comparison using the words "like" or "as"


a figure of speech that compares unlike objects


a figure of speech in which objcts and animals are given human characteristics


the repetition of one or more initial consonants in a group of words or lines in a poem


a mode of expression in ehich the intended meaning is the opposite of what is stated, often implying ridicule or light sarcasm; s state of affairs or events that is the reverse of what might have been expected


a direct verbal assault; a denunciation


a reference to a person, place, or event meant to create an effect or enhance the meaning of an idea

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