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The British theory of mercantilism, by which the colonies were governed held that

the colonial economy should be carefully controlled to serve the motlrer country's needs

One of the ways in which mercantilism harmed the colonial economy was

by inhibiting the development ofbanking'and paper currency in the colonies.

The mobilization of "non importation" policies against the Stamp Act was politically important

it aroused revolutionary fervor among many ordinary American men and women

When British officials decided to enforce the East India Company's tea monopoly and the three-
Dence tax on tea

colonists were outraged because their favorite beverage would cost more than ever be

The British reacted to the Boston Tea Party by

granting a monopoly on the sale oftea to the British East India Company

American colonists especially resented the Townshend Acts because

the revenues from the taxation would go to support British officials andjudges in Amenca

The passage ofthe Quebec Act aroused intense American fears because

it extended Catholic jurisdiction and a non-jury judicial system into the westem Ohio

The most important action the Continental Congress took to proiest the Intolerable Acts was

forming The Association to impose a complete boycott of all British goods

The event that precipitated the first real shooting between the British and American colonists was

the British attempt to seize colonial supplies and leaders at Lexington and Concord

The British parliamentary government at the time ofthe American Revolulion was headed by

Lord North

The American rebellion was especially dangerous to the British because they were also worried

possible revolts in lreland and war with France

The British political party that was generally more sympathetic to the American cause was

the whig Party

One of the advantages the British enjoyed in the impending conflict with the colonies was

the ability to enlist foreign soldiers, Loyalists, and Native Americans in their military forces

One of the advantages the colonists enjoyed in the impending conflict with Britain was

a well-organized and effective political leadership.

In the Revolutionary War, African Americans

fought in both the American patriot and British loyalist military forces

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