A&P bone tissue

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mineralized salts and collagen

two components in bone are responsible for the hardness and pliability

volkmann's canals

carry blood vessels through the center of compact bone lamellae


responsible for maintaining daily bone metabolim

endochondral ossification

carilaginous model is gradually replaced by bone tissue

spongey bone is located

in the epiphysis


not part of an osteon




rounded ends


epiphyseal plate (connects diaphysis to epiphyses)

medullary cavity

middle cavity filled with marrow


outer compact bone


dense connective tissue outer lining of bone


dense connective tissue inner lining of bone and medullary cavity of long bones

articular cartilage

hyaline cartilage covering epiphyses

compact bone

composed of osteons near the surface of the bone


tiny canals in the matrix through which osteocytes connect to each other


space between lamellae containing osteocytes.


rings of hard, calcified matrix around canals


(haversian systems) microscopic functional anatomic units of compact bone


produces osteoblasts. unspecialized stem cells found in the periosteum, endosteum and bone canals that are capable of cell division


bone building cells. synthesize and secrete collagen/organic components to build new bone matrix; initiate calcification


mature bone cells. maintain daily cellular activities of bone such as nutrient and waste exchange with the blood. found in lacunae.


function in bone resorption. destroy the matrix. found in the endosteum. help regulate blood calcium levels

tensile strength

resistance to being stretched or torn apart; provided by collagen fibers/organic molecules


Ca2 reservoir


filter and reabsorb Ca2

GI tract

few absorption of Ca2

Vitamin D

absorprtion of Ca2 at GI tract

parathyroid and calcitonin

Ca2 regulators

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