7 terms

lecture 20- OMM for knee

peroneal muscle release
-goal here is to reduce pain and tension
-promote fluid evacuation from distal ankle
-can also serve as a prep for another technique
-gently massage or apply perpendicular traction to affected tendons and muscles
popliteal fossa release
-designed to relax the tissues of the popliteal fossa
-promote drainage
-extert an anterior force with fingers in midline of fossa
fibular head is commonly restricted......
fibular head dysfunction
common from distal injury. may complain of lateral knee pain, usually with weight bearing and pivoting ("crossed leg peroneal palsy")
posterior fibular head
treatment is dorsiflexion and eversion of ankle for.....
anterior fibular head
treatment is plantarflexion and eversion of ankle for.....
tibia dysfunction
-may happen from extensive kicking
-may have TTP along joint line