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PMP Rita Exam Prep REVIEW - Last 7 Chapters Questions Combined

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Answer A

Improving schedule performance (choice B) relates to getting the project completed
sooner. Though it would seem to always be a good idea to improve schedule performance, this project's performance is fine. The schedule has been approved as it is. lt would be better for the project manager to spend more time controlling the project to make sure it finishes according to plan than to improve schedule performance.
If you chose C, ask yourself why. There is nothing wrong with the schedule performance of the project that would require an extension. Did you think that the best way to deal with the complaining stakeholder was to give hirn more time? How do you know the team member's activities are on the critical path?
lt is always important to gain formal acceptance from the customer, as it provides an opportunity for the team to check if everything is going well, lt is a good idea to get such acceptance in writing. Choice D could be done, but there is a more important problem that takes precedence here. Read on.
The only thing glaringly wrong in this situation is that the team member is complaining. If you read the situation completely, you will notice that the team member was involved and approved the project management plan, including his own involvement in the project. Since the responsibility assignment matrix has not changed, the team member has not even been assigned different duties since the project began. There must be something else causing the team member to complain. The project manager should investigate and find out what part of the reward system is ineffective.
28. The project manager notices that project activities being completed by one department are all taking slightly longer than planned. To date, none of the activities/work packages have been on the critical path, nor have they affected the critical chain planning that has occurred. The project manager is bothered by the problem, since four of the next five critical path activities are being completed by this department.

After making three calls, the project manager is finally able to converse with the department manager to determine what is going on. The conversation is slow, because both speak different native languages and they are trying to converse in French, a shared language. To make communication easier, the project manager frequently asks the department manager to repeat back what has been said.

The department manager communicates that his staff is following a company policy that requires two levels of testing. During the conversation, the department manager also makes a comment that leads the project manager to believe that the policy may include excessive work. This is the fourth time the project manager has heard such a comment. What is the BEST thing to do?

A. Create a better communications management plan that requires only one language to be the universal language on the project and have translators readily available on a moment's notice
B. Contact someone else in the department who speaks the project manager's native language better to confirm the department manager's opinion
C. Find out if the upcoming activities should be reestimated
D. Work on increasing the effectiveness of the performing organization by recommending
continuous improvement of the policy in question