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The Renaissance and Reformation

Taught that life should be meaningful
Technique to show distance
Created movable type printing press
Dutch scholar who criticized the church
Purchased pardons from punishment
Martin Luther
Wrote 95 theses against indulgences
John Calvin
Preached that some were predestined for salvation
Government ruled by religious leaders
Religious order that spread Catholicism during the Counter Reformation
Removal of belief in magic
The Renaissance began in Italy DID NOT begin because of
Interest in early Christian writings
All of the following are Renaissance artists EXCEPT(Castiglione, Giotto, Michelanglo, Titian)
Erasmus differed from Italian Renaissance scholars in that
He studied the work of early Christians
Writers such as Shakespeare and Marlowe focused on
Human actions and emoitions
Religious dissent WAS NOT caused by
Dismissing the classics in favor of Christian teachings
Luther's teachings
Decreased the role fo teh clergy
Luther's ideas spread quickly because of
The printing press
The Anglican Church was formed as a result of
Henry VIII's fight with the Pope over his divorce
The Edict of Nantes
Gave French Calvinists some rights
The Council of Trent DID NOT
Eliminate the emphasis on ceremony
The Reformation and the Counter Reformation led to
Less religious tolerance
Small town life in rapidly changing times led to
Less tolerance for individuality
Superstition and witchcraft helped Renaissance people explain
The Unknown
Broadsides were
Single page sheets of news
Education increased during the Renaissance because of
Encouragement from the church
Renaissance scholars
Emphasized the power of human reason
How did Renaissance scholars' ideas differ from those of medieval scholars
They studied the ancient world for its achievements, rather than in terms of Christianity
Humanists DID NOT attempt to understand the classics in terms of
What did the humanists believe about human life?
That this life has value aside from preparation for the afterlife
Printing with movable type first appeared in
What effects did printing have on Renaissance life and literature?
New ideas spread faster; encouraged education
The center of northern Renaissance art was
What characteristics mark northern Renaissance art?
Extreme realism and detail
Martin Luther taught that
Faith led to salvation
What did Luther mean by "justification by grace through faith?"
Only simple faith and God's grace lead to salvation
Calvinists believed that
Some people were predestined for salvation
What kind of lives did Calvinists lead and why?
Simple; self disciplined. This would make the world safe for the chosen
The Counter Reformation was
The spiritual reform of the Catholic church
What caused the Counter Reformation?
Loss of believers to Protestantism
The Jesuits were created to
Spread Catholicism
How did the Jesuits accomplish their mission?
Education and humanist teachings
Standards of living increased during the Renaissance because
More peasants became free and could earn wages
How did population affect standards of living?
Decrease in the work force led to higher wages
People DID NOT migrate from the country to the city for
Religious freedom
How did migration to the cities affect traditional culture?
People looked to logical explanations rather than folklore