10 terms

Pros and Cons of Colonialism

8 harms
expropriation of land, exploitation of labor, reliance on monocrop economies, unfair taxation, intro of immigrant labor, transfer of wealth from africa to europe, lack of industrialization, prohib of trade b/t african ctrs
6 benefits
western medicine, formal education, infrastructure, political participation, islam/christianity simplified religion, accelerated nation building
expropriation of land
land was communal; horrified by british taking it
exploitation of labor
needed workers, corpal punishment and terror
reliance on monocrop economies
all eggs in one basket; ie copper in Zambia; consequences when colonialism was over
unfair taxation
hut & poll tax; tax on huts, poll takes men to work for it but only made enough $ to pay off tax
introduction of immigrant labor
barracks, and prostitution flourishes (STDs, HIV/AIDS), ie South African mines with Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia workers
transfer of wealth from Africa to Europe
trade only w/ europe
lack of industrialization
all raw materials processed in europe and sold back to africa
prohibition of trade b/t African countries
communications b/t african ctrs made expensive and difficult