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Latin America: The Amazon Rainforest


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What is happening to the Amazon Rainforest?
Its disappearing
Why is the Amazon Rainforest such a vital global resource?
1) It cleans the atmosphere (absorbs carbon dioxide)
2) Regulates global climate patterns
3) Biodiversity of plants & animals
What are the 5 groups of people who live in or rely on the Amazon Rainforest to support their way of life?
1) The Native Amazonians
2) The Rubber Tappers
3) The Loggers
4) The Cattle Ranchers
5) Settlers
What is sustainable living?
Living in balance with nature; to live in such a way as to not harm the environment
Which of the 5 groups of people who live in or rely on the Amazon Rainforest practice sustainable living?
The native amazonians and the rubber tappers since they do not destroy the rainforest.
Why does the Brazilian government allow the rainforest to be destroyed?
The activities of the loggers and ranchers bring in a significant amount of money to Brazil's economy.
What farming technique used by subsistence farmers is contributing to deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest?
Slash-n-Burn technique
What are two possible environmental impacts of deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest?
1) Global Warming
2) Soil Erosion
What does biodiversity refer to?
The unique species of plants & animals which can only be found in the rainforest.
What are some sustainable measures suggested to preserve the Amazon Rainforest?
1) Reforestation
2) Less destructive farming techniques
3) Selective logging
4) Eco-tourism