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Where Did Sir Humphrey Gilbert Make An Attempt To Start An English Colony In 1583? Did It Succeed?

Gilbert Made A Failed Attempt To Start And English Colony In Newfoundland, Canada

Where is Roanoke Island?

Off The Coast Of Present-Day State Of North Carolina The ATLANTIC OCEAN!!!!!!

What Land Did Queen Elizabeth 1 Grant Sir Walter Raleigh The Rights To? What Did He Call This Land?

Queen Elizabeth Made Him A Knight And Granted Him Rights To The Entire Atlantic Coast North Of Spanish Florida; He Named It Virginia in Honor Of Queen Elizabeth "The Virgin Queen"

Did Raleigh's Attempt To Colonize Roanoke Island Succeed? EXPLAIN

No; All 117 Soldiers Went Back To England Because Of Food Shortages And Troubles With Indians

Who Led The Attempt To Start Another Colony At Roanoke Island In 1587? How Was His Attempt Different From Raleigh's?

John White, Instead Of Bringing All Men And Soldiers, White's Group Included Families With Women And Children. The Settlers Invested Some Of Their Own Money.

Who Was Virginia Dare? Why Is She So Famous In American History?

John Whites Granddaughter. First English Child Born in America

Why Did John Return To England In The Summer Of 1587?

Colony Was Low On Supplies And White Went Back To England To Get Fresh Supplies.

How Long Was White Gone? What Took Him So Long To Return To Roanoke?

Almost 3 Years. England And Spain Were Fighting A Naval War England Was Using Its Ships For Fighting And It Was To Dangerous To Risk Crossing The Atlantic To America

What Is Croatoan? Why Did White Think The Roanoke Settlers Had Gone There?

Name Of A Nearby Island And Indian Tribe.
He Found CRO And CROATOAN Carved On A Tree And Fence Post. Before He Left He Told the Settlers To Leave Some Sort Of Messages If They Were Going Somewhere Else.

Why Dose History Refer To Roanoke "The Lost Colony" ?

Because The Settlers Had Vanished And To This Day They Don't Know What Happen To Them.

What Are Some Possible Explanations For What May Have Happened To The Roanoke Settlers?

1. Died Of Starvation/Disease Due To Being So Low On Supplies. At This Time The Area Was Going Through A Major A Major Drought.
2. Killed By Hostile Indians.
3. Attempted To Get To Croatoan Island, North To Chesapeake Bay, Or Somewhere Else And Were Lost At Sea
4. Captured Or Killed By Spanish
**5. The Settlers Did Make It To Croatoan Island Or Some Other Place And Assimilated Into Indian Culture.

Describe The MAJOR REASONS for the failure of England's Early Attempts At Colonization Of North America.

The Major Reason Was POOR PLANNING; Not Enough Supplies---Food , Tools, Weapons, Clothing, Not Enough Setters And Often The Wrong Kind Of Settlers. Not Enough Money To Get Colony Going




Provenience In Eastern Canada


A Voyage




To See


Type Of Bird, Wild, Or Domestic, Examples, Chicken, Ducks, Geese


The East Coast Of The Atlantic, North Of Spanish Florida


To Set Up; To Make




To Leave


To Grow


Blend Into; Become Part Of

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